Christopher Monckton is coming to town

Unlike my pinko friend at Kiwblog, I actually believe that the climate change industry is a huge fraud. When global warming disappeared they changed the term to climate change.

We may have some warming but the evidence shows that it is still a long way short of what the Roman’s enjoyed when they ransacked all of Europe, when they grew grapes in England and conquered the known world.

So what if we are 1 degree warmer…all our farmers would enjoy not having to worry about frosts….warmer climates are better for humanity …ice ages and colder climates usually mean mass death, pensioners freezing in small state funded flats…I say bring on global warming…and f*ck me ain’t Summer grand at the moment.

Some of you may have seen this yesterday, but if you haven’t this is required watching:

Lord Monckton is doing a speaking Tour of New Zealand, starting April 1st in Matakana, and moving south until he gets to Invercargill April 26.

Click here to see his full itinerary.


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  • Pete George

    I wouldn’t mind if it was a bit warmer here – and in fact the last few winters in Dunedin have had noticeably fewer frosts – but some of the biggest threats are not from a slight increase in temperatures (apart from at the poles) but from greater volatility in the weather.

    An average increase of say 1 degree wouldn’t be even – it would likely mean more and bigger storms and more chance of extreme adverse events like droughts.

    • In Vino Veritas

      But Pete, there have been more and bigger storms on and off for millenia. Just because the average temperature of the planet stabilised for a few thousand, or a few hundred thousand years, doesn’t mean that anything different is happening today in the grand scheme of things. This planet is roughly 4.5 billion years old. 100,000 years is a pig and a poke.

    • grumpy

      We have bigger storms, droughts and snowfalls when the memory span of the average punter is exceeeded.

    • JimmyJones

      Pete George, your assumptions seem rather reckless to me. You are assuming that temperatures have increased over the last 10 or 12 years, but there has been no significant change in that time. By the way, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased in that period, and at other times when global cooling has occurred.

      You also believe that if temperatures did increase that that would cause more volatility (droughts and storms). This is what “climate scientist” Salinger and his Climate-gate friends tell us, but not what the statistics tell us, and not what the IPCC tells us in some of their Assessment Reports.

      And you needn’t panic about Antarctica melting because the temperature is cooling and the sea-ice area is growing (at 3.7% per decade – see here: Sea ice extension in a longer time perspective ).

  • Pete George

    Just on Firstline, Bruce Wills, Federated Farmers President: last year Hawke’s Bay had their wettest year in sixty years, this year is their driest for seventy years.

    • Well, there you go. I’ve been repeating this for a decade now, and very few truly understand it. What you describe is weather. And Weather isn’t Climate. Climate takes 100s of years to shift even a fraction, but within that period, we experience extreme weather that seems to be at odds with the climate we believe should be influencing our weather much more consistently.

      • Pete George

        I know I’m describing weather. But the big question at the moment is whether weather is being influenced by more rapid climate change than normal.

        And the point I was making is that average increases in temperature can mean far more variabillity than it getting a bit warmer or a bit less cold.

        • The sky is falling, the sky is falling

        • Cadwallader

          Yes, but there’s nothing to suggest that any change to the weather or climate is man-made.
          The stupidity of imposing a tax to alter the climate befits the mindless left. Why NZ has any form of carbon tax astounds me. I think in years ahead when the oceans haven’t inundated us,the glaciers are still here and NZ still has cold winters, the carbon taxes will be seen as quaint and naive, when really they are vicious and utterly unwarranted.

    • See there you go, Farmers never bloody happy

      • Agent BallSack

        Farmers are pissed off the arse has dropped out of the lamb market, everyone is selling due to not enough grass to feed their overstocked farms.

        • johnbronkhorst

          Wonder why farmers, especially with land bordering the sea. Don’t invest in desalination plants. Don’t know how much they cost, but do know you can get them in a 40′ container, 400 000 litres per day capacity and cost about $30k per year to operate. This along with significant storage, could solve their drought problems.

      • Andy

        I watched Allan Savory’s talk yesterday via WUWT. What a brilliant talk, and full of positive energy. No surprises that the Greenies won’t be talking about this

  • Greg

    Yeah but he still talks about climate change and as if the cows are going to save the earth. He had it wrong in the past when he killed 40,000 elephants so I think he is again.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Just a thought Greg he does sound like he is one of those people who is always right. What he is saying is that it is not the cows but there shit and methane, now one politician could be worth about 3 cows.

      So anyway as we all know the flush toilet is the corner stone of our modern society and we use massive amounts of fresh clean drinkable water to flush our shit away to be cleaned. When in reality we should have been mimicking nature and just leaving it on the ground.

      • Cadwallader

        I think the best place to take a dump is at that well known unsanitary drain called The Standard!

  • I am a climate change realist. Yes, the average temp is rising, and yes, emissions are part of the cause. But what I don’t get is all these people who claim cyclical weather patterns are proof of it (we have had droughts before, I remember summerof 1983 was a severe drought in NZ) and really don’t know how more socialism will cure an environmental problem. If we have a wet summer next year Jim Sallinger’s claims of four rainless months a year from now willl look silly.

    • johnbronkhorst

      When idiots like sallinger make predictions, I remind them of the prediction about 4 years ago…that Europe had seen it’s last snowy winter…..followed by the 3 worst winters on record, record snow falls, record low temperatures!!!!!!

  • cows4me

    I’m happy to throw in a few dollars to buy our esteemed leaders seats so they may attend the presentation. Key, Smith, Cluckman and the assorted noddies who hold front seats in parliament should be be in the first fucking row. Perhaps a visit to an audiologist should be arranged first so any fucking ear wax can be removed, hate to have them miss any words spoken by the Lord. The con has to end, these pricks are full of shit, the public of New Zealand continues to be screwed over by a greedy government who clings disparately to the notion they are saving the world, it’s all horseshit folks.

    • Mr_Blobby

      It’s not horseshit its all about the Money.

  • johnbronkhorst

    I’m sure the song is about another mythical beast, altogether.
    Doesn’t it go “SANTA CLAUS is coming to town”.

  • Dave

    Mockton is an idiot, who in their right mind travels North to South in Autumn in NZ. By the time he gets to southland it will be bloody wet and cold there. Far better to start there and move north.

  • Cadwallader

    The reality may well be that climate is changing, but nothing I have read suggests that it is man-made. Taxation does not influence climate.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Thought:-…He is talking about goat herding in Africa…….Meanwhile these global warming/climate change muppets are talking about man made effect since the industrial revolution . People have been herding goats for 10 000 years, industry has only existed since the mid 1800’s…and yet neither seems to hold water against the lifetime of the planet 4.5 BILLION YEARS!

  • Mr_Blobby

    Global warming I mean Climate change is the new flat earth society.

  • thor42

    It’s *bloody good* that Monckton is coming here!

    At last – one of the powerhouses of the skeptics’ side!

    I guess the Greens will be protesting wherever he speaks.

  • I have been trying to persuade Jim Salinger to debate with Christopher. He has flatly refused.

    “No – I will be declining your offer to debate because Lord Monckton is most likely one of the protagonists – and you have been less than honest in letting me know who the possible participants are. (So saying nothing is telling lies? new to me! BL) The laws of physics are not decided by debate (e.g. gravity) and the greenhouse effect is well established science being developed over the last two centuries.
    Science is not about debate at all. It is based on objective analysis of the information and has to be done in ways that satisfy a careful review process by other experts in the field that can be replicated. As Lord Monckton manipulates and misrepresents the facts I will not be a participant in such a process, and will not recommend anyone to you.”

    And who selects the “other experts in the field”? Jim and his friends. I pointed out to him that Pachauri is now recommending open debate. I also said that it was a bit rich coming from someone who had conspired to get Chris DeFreitas fired from university. I could have also pointed out that climate change is not a branch of physics. It is an evolving science which needs open debate.