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The new edition of Truth is on sale today:


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Who should be buying Truth this week:

  • All readers of Whaleoil…you do want me to be able to afford to keep blogging don’t you?
  • All those who want to win our fabulous Spacies machine
  • John Ansell should read what Willie Jackson has to say to him in response to last week
  • Trevor Mallard as usual
  • The bent Prison guards
  • John Key and Bill English
  • Anyone who values their carpark
  • Anyone who is a fan of soldiers, guns, bombs and vicious war dogs
  • Lianne Dalziel
  • David Farrar
  • Chris Finlayson
  • Asenati Lole-Taylor
  • Shane Jones
  • Fans of Kylie Minogue
  • Anyone who takes global warming seriously and anyone who thinks it is a load of bollocks

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  • spollyike

    I know you are just trying to sell a newspaper, but why do you keep giving Willie Jackson air??? He has to be the biggest racist in NZ! In contrast Ansell has only ever advocated equal rights for all races, for example an end to policies such as whanau ora, or lower entry to medical and law degrees just to name tow of the hundreds of cases of what is becoming apartheid in the once amazing country. I can only assume the following about you Whale: You are scared to stand up for equal rights for all races and feel the need to conform with the progressive norm; you are extremely progressive politically in contrast to the core of national supporters who still can’t believe national formed a coalition with the racist party (hence also your support of all things homosexual); you have a smidgeon of maori blood and want to trough with the others when the opportunity arises – can’t burn your bridges there can you). So what the reason, just sales?? I hope you give Ansell thye final word…but i don’t think you will, i think you are allowing racist to his core jackson the final word on this sadly.