New Zealand’s Most Useless MP isn’t Hone Harawira

Commenters have repeatly nominated Hone Harawira for most useless MP.

This is unfair on Hone.

This search is for the most insignificant, unnoticeable, forgettable kind of useless MP, not the kind of useless MP that makes you swear at the TV when he appears on it. 

Hone is one of the few MPs in New Zealand who is known by his first name. Just about everyone has an opinion about Hone, and even if the opinion is “That useless c***” it is not the kind of useless we are after.

Hone doesn’t make the grade as New Zealands most useless MP.

Surely there are others that qualify…come on try harder. If you don’t then I will keep on using the Depeche Mode – Useless video as torture.


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  • Mishi

    Jan Logie, Holly Walker, David Clendon all Green Party. Haven’t heard their names in the public arena. Then google them and it takes a few listings before they appear in anything other than facebook, and party websites.

    • Mr_Blobby

      The problem is that there are so many suitable candidates. This quest for the holy grail of uselessness is unwinnable useless you can have 80 first equals.

  • spollyike

    Surely the most useless MP should be the most racist MP though????

    • spollyike

      Whale, in your own words:

      “Hone Harawira is a racist.

      There is no other way to describe him after it has been revealed that he turns away people from his office if they are not on the Maori Roll.

      In other words if they can’t vote for him he wom’t help them.

      Tariana Turia and pita Sharples should so some of the integrity I think they have and rein in this racist bigoted thug.”

      • spollyike

        Maybe it’s time to set up that “white motherfuckers” party, for some good old fashioned backlash?!

        • Dumrse

          And let it fill up with ” house niggers”.

  • unsol

    Cameron I don’t think you will get what you are after; the reality is most people hate the idea of paying $250k to a useless asshole who does nothing but cause offence & make trouble.

    Trevor Mallard & Hone Harawira are the 2 MPs that most people are sick to death with & feel are a complete blight on this country.

    They need to be kicked out of parliament effective immediately with no post MP benefits as neither has achieved anything.

    From there you can take your pick as all bar John Key, Steven Joyce, Tony Ryall & Judith are useless as tits on a bull & unable to organise a piss up in a brewery.

    • Captain Crab

      I despise them both too but really what has a useless arsehole like you ever achieved.

      • unsol

        Probably a lot more than you since I don’t go around chasing people’s comments all over a blog like a common troll with an IQ less than that of a brick.

        But who are you again, why is it you think I should care about anything you say? You do seem awfully crabby corporal…

      • Kacanga

        Captain Santorum the Stalker strikes again

  • Gareth Hughes? The MP that no one takes seriously.
    Or Russell Norman who for the longest time appeared to be the sane side of environmentalism, but then flushed the illusion away with his talk of printing money out of thin air?

    • Dave

      Air NZ take him very seriously, a very important client for them.

      • Apolonia

        Take him seriously. They take him all over New Zealand.

  • There are about 80 of those Cam. It would be interesting to know who has justified their position to be a true peoples’ representative – a much shorter list.

  • tarkwin

    How about Mojo Mathers? In her case you’re paying for a double and only getting a single. And no, I’m not having a go at deaf people. She is the equivalent of the one armed paper hanger – not up to the job.

    • Honcho

      About to suggest her, the people of chch didnt want her in parliament, the greens bought her in for tokenism alone, just like labour did with georgina beyer who even then was a much more capable mp

  • Mr_Blobby

    At least put him up as a finalist. because I truly believe he is worse than “insignificant, unnoticeable, forgettable kind of useless”

    • spollyike

      totally agree Mr Blobby. Significantly racist, provocative, and aims to incite racial hatred are all worse than the attributes Whale is seeking, FFS these are tantamount to treason! Seriously how can this wanker be an MP – we are paying him 200k a year to make his hatred for us public, to give him a platform for his racist sound bites – if this is acceptable in NZ we are all Fucked!! However imagine if a “pakeha”(hate that word) said such racist things and was allowed to be a politician, there would be a hikoi for sure about that!

      • unsol

        Thankfully, Hone doesn’t quite get $200k, but any taxpayer dollar that goes to that racist & his racist family’s bank is a $1 too much:

        Salary: $155,700 plus For each additional member of the party in the House of Representatives up to a maximum of 51,850 plus For each additional member of the party in the House of Representatives over 5 up to a maximum of 231,230 plus For each additional member of the party in the House of Representatives over 23610

        • spollyike

          I knew we could agree on something:)

          • unsol

            On right leaning blog I would expect most things bar marriage equality. Otherwise I would expect you would want to hang out at the substandard more ;)

          • spollyike

            don’t get me started. You know there is only one definition of marriage anything other than that is something else. I am only offended by the use of the word and the stealing of other words for political causes in the past. If they call it something different they can do what the want. That is the beginning and the end of it for me. For example when the maori language was given a written version (by pakeha) there were things existing in the pakeha world that the stone-agers had no word for i.e. rifle or canon. In the same way Homosexuals have no word for what they want to call marriage that will be truly accepted by society so they need to come up with their own word for what constitutes a lifelong union. I suggest HOMOUNION as a word, now whats wrong with that???

          • unsol

            “You know there is only one definition of marriage anything other than that is something else” ….should be “You know I THINK there is only one definition of marriage anything other than that is something else”!

            Not going to debate ME with you spolly – we have said our piece & it would be far easier to spin ones head on a pin than attempt to change each other’s views. That is not what blogging is about!

            Interesting you use the word ‘pakeha’ a few times re your wee sly link into the LGBT community apparently stealing words.

            Doesn’t that undermine your earlier comment? Wouldn’t it have been better to say the europeans or colonisers?

          • spollyike

            the indoctrinated majority can only relate to the word Pakeha unsoluble, no matter how sad that sounds.

          • unsol

            “indoctrinated” minority dolly – most people in NZ are not Maori & do not go running around calling themselves Pakeha. Least of all the big age group – the baby boomers.

          • spollyike

            good to know.

          • spollyike

            If you are a baby boomer unsoluble then i would suggest you go against the grain of the “big age group” who are not at all in favour of Homosexual lifelong union aka HOMOUNION and in fact most people your age believe in the true definition of marriage, the one that will endure no matter what parliament decrees – just like the smacking bill.

          • unsol

            Nope, dearest dolly, I’m far too young for that – daughter of a baby booming couple….who lived together well before they got married (but not left wing hippies either) too!

            As for the big age group being anti – yep I would imagine so, but then given most polls that have been in favour would probably tend to ring them (they are always home) it is hard to know. Most sides of our family in that age group are pro. Grandparents not so…but then they were fans of corporal punishment too.

          • spollyike

            good on your grand parents. How old are you unsoluble??? You implied earlier you were a baby boomer i’m sure…

          • unsol

            Not quite 40….can’t imagine when I would have implied I was a Nana! Especially since I have referenced my school aged child quite a few times….imagine being 65 with a 7 year old…it would suck for both!

            What about you dolly? You strike me as being mid 20s?

          • spollyike

            same age as me, yet you are so fucked up…WHY?

          • unsol

            Says the guy who believes that everything is black & white & that the world is flat….

            I would ask in return same age as me yet you have the developmental age of a 2 year old – why? And how did you manage to actually find someone who is prepared to put up with your shit? Lie & charm your way down the aisle?

            We can play this game all day dolly – trying to mind fuck will just do your head in. You started to play nice & now you’re back to being a dickhead.

            Pull your head in & grow the fuck up.

        • spollyike

          LOL my child is only 4 so unless she looks back on the archives in a few years time i have nothing to worry about. Anyway i would hope by that age she agrees with me or i’ll have to start homeschooling won’t I.

          • unsol

            Haha…actually I am wondering about home school after the BS on yesterday’s ‘leaked’ post. Our daughter came home & told us that her class got split into two & was sent off to be babysat by a young class – doing new entrant crap – so her teacher could do whatever she had to do. Beats me, I thought her teacher was meant to be bloody teaching! Really pissed me off. We’re considering enrolling her in private earlier than year 7 now (wanted her to go to our local school so she could part of our local community).

          • spollyike

            I hear you! My daughter at age 3 came home and loudly claimed she was a Maori! I had a lot of trouble convincing her otherwise! I am not sure i can in all good conscience allow her to got to a public school and be further indoctrinated against all i stand for. I do live in Rotorua though, just like Susan Devoy.

          • StupidDisqus

            If you love your children, you cannot send them to a state school.

  • GregM

    I nominate Barbara Stewart, NZ first, list.
    Ex schoolteacher and scum list MP, never heard of her, ticks all the boxes.

    • spollyike

      sorry not a maori racist though.

    • Yes Barbara is a good nomination, she is like Mrs Doubtfire

  • cows4me

    All list MP’s should be on the list. May not agree with Hone but someone wanted him not like these other wasters. Why we need and pay for this deadwood is beyond me. Fuck me if it was up to me the list MP’s would be one the first stock truck passing through Wellington, cull the lot of the bludgers. It is said we have democracy, pigs arse, we are dumb bastards forever trapped, forever paying, for what?

  • Anonymouse Coward

    You are all missing Whaleoil’s point. It is called the House of Representatives for a reason.

    Hone represents a portion of the NZ electorate. You may not agree with what he advocates but you can’t argue that you don’t know what Hone stands for.

    What Whaleoil wants is for you to identify is MPs who punch-in and don’t appear to do anything or make any contribution.

    • spollyike

      Surely you joke? Do you think an MP or Party advocating extra rights and funding and privilege for a race other than PART-maori would be allowed to exist in opposition to a party such as Hone’s even though a majority of NZ’ers would probably support such a party???

      • Anonymouse Coward

        There is no reason that it could not exist. No doubt it would face criticism from those that think Maori alone deserve special privileges.

        Those criticizing run the risk of being seen as hypocritical and self serving by the electorate at large.

        Its called democracy.

        • spollyike

          Good point, it should work in principle. However i somehow doubt it would/could exist in the PC, revisionist, apologist jungle that makes up the political landscape of Aotearoa New Zealand today…

    • spollyike

      Advocating for the rights of one ethnic group over all others is racism and in terms of whats best for NZ is therefore a NEGATIVE contribution. Unless of course you actually want apartheid in this country.

    • Mr_Blobby

      spollyike is right people like Honke (slave name john hadfield) make a Negative contribution, that not only makes them useless but dangerous as well.

    • In Vino Veritas

      Hone represents a portion of the Maori electorate, not the NZ electorate.

    • You got it

  • Anonymouse Coward

    My nominations for the title are;

    Colin King, National Kaikoura
    Megan Woods, Labour Wigram

  • spollyike

    Hone, turia, sharples, flavell and co. All MP’s whose salaries are paid for by ALL the taxpayers of NZ regardless of race yet defiantly represent the interests of only one of the many many races of people in NZ. A group of people who have hijacked democracy in this country. A group of people with extra representation than the rest of us in parliament and local government. A group of people with extra funding and extra rights that are apparent no matter which way we turn. Tell me are these people fit to be called MP’s representative of the people of NZ or are they damaging our country for years to come??
    All members of race based political parties are the most useless MP’s for all of us not of that race, and if you support them in anyway you are pro apartheid because make no mistake they want separatism and they want it yesterday!!

    • spollyike

      The cost to the taxpayer in terms of maori only funding, that is funding on top of what they already recieve as New Zealander’s is the same as the cost of the recent drought, the worst in 20 years in NZ. Only the cost the taxpayer makes to Maori only family get together’s, maori only hospital wards with only maori nurses, maori only scholarships to university, special maori only lower entry requirements for medicine. law and engineering degrees. How could we have let it come to this?? Seriously, is this what we want for NZ? It’s past time we did something. Although Cameron won’t comment on it (not sure why) the old school National core is strongly opposed to all the recent pro-maori stuff as well as the constitutional review that the racist party has been put in charge of. They are aggrieved that Fiddleson has arrogantly given away NZ’ers lands and rights, while he holds the controversial position of minister of treaty settlements and attorney general – surely a conflict of interest. Not to mention his dark past as negotiator for Ngai Tahu, a role in which he reveled in sticking it to the crown.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Could WOBH invite ALL MP’s to comment on here listing just their top 3 accomplishments for NZinc… Then we can all watch the majority do the “Shearer hoist” with their own petard?
    An MP’s brag post would certainly sort those that can and do… And those that are list MP’s I guess…

    I guess those on the right would comment plenty of achievements… The deafening silence of the incompetent troughers will be all the voters need to read…

  • spollyike

    So Cameron, are you going to announce Hone as the worst MP based on racism vs representing all NZ? Or are you advocating apartheid here in NZ?? Remember racism = negative contribution to NZ society doesn’t it? Or do you think it is a positive contribution?

  • In Vino Veritas

    In deference to the Whale, I withdraw Harawira as my candidate. I am drawn to two people and cannot split them. Raymond Huo (also known as Huo Jianqiang) and Denise Ross. Both list MP’s. Roche pretty much soley because her “Party activities” list “Buddy MP” as an achievement.
    Huo on the other hand, because I responded (before being banned by Clare Curran) to a couple of his posts which were ill thought out and daft. Plus, whilst not being invisible, he’s almost transparent.

  • rouppe

    How about Julie Anne Genter

    I’d never heard of her before I looked today, never seen anything from her, and I’m amazed that someone born in the USA can even be a NZ MP. I assume she’s a NZ citizen?

    Her current parliamentary roles include Member, Justice and Electoral Committee; Spokesperson, Broadcasting; Spokesperson, Commerce; Spokesperson, Transport; Associate Spokesperson, Climate Changes Issues; Associate Spokesperson, Economics; Associate Spokesperson, Finance but I can’t recall ever hearing her name.

  • thor42

    Oh *okay then……* ;)

    Since Hone is out of the running, I’ll pick Wussell Norman.

  • Michael

    For the Greens: Jan Logie –
    For NZ First: Denis O’Rourke –
    For National: Jian Yang –
    For Labour: Nanaia Mahuta –

    (Maori Party, ACT, UF, and Mana excluded due to lack of MPs)

    Overall winner is Mahuta by a country mile – she couldn’t be arsed taking any shots at the easiest target in Government.

    • There are a couple of Nat MPs who are more useless than Jian Yang…he has hardly been there long enough to have become irrelevant and he certainly isn;t there on the basis that he is going to achieve something or rise to cabinet.

  • Steve R

    youve got to admit this is way hard . Every time you turn around you find another usless piece of shit that pops up and youve never heard of them . And they say fuck all ( which they usually get wrong ) then they crawl back into nothingness and pufft youve forgot who they were or that they existed .
    Now , if I was a mp youd Know who I was !!!!

  • Wallsingham

    Hone Harawira as most useful because the people coming after him are The Terrible Ones.

  • David

    Megan Woods. She clocks in, eats taxpayer subsidised lunch, clocks out… does nothing, achieves nothing.