NZ First doesn’t mind foreigners coming here on work permits

via Twitter

via Twitter

Our MP of the week, Asenati Lole-Taylor, is losing her executive assistant Rachel.  Rachel’s work permit has run out.  Rachel doesn’t look Asian or Wogistani, so she may be one of those “acceptable” temporary immigrants who take Kiwi jobs?

Is it acceptable because at some stage we get to send people like Rachel Mallon back home?

It must be really, really hard to find any qualified New Zealand residents that can do a job being an Executive Assistant to Asenati.  Lucky we had a foreigner jump into that void.

I wonder if Rachel did any tiling while she was here?


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  • Jonah Cullen

    To be fair I recall this girl worked for Louise Upston first, which is how she got the job with Asenati I believe. These jobs often are given to Party

  • Solidarity

    Is that some kind of S&M whip in the background?

    Yes, very interesting point about how on earth were they able to arrange a work permit for her when there are plenty of Kiwis here without employment?

    Internal Affairs and the Labour Dept need to investigate this… As part of the process a employer goes through helping someone obtain a work permit, they need to be able to demonstrate to NZ Immigration that the vacancy has been publicly advertised and no one in NZ is suitably qualified/experienced or easily trained and hence why the visa is needed.

    Russel should call for Inquiry too.

    • Jonah Cullen

      Haha. But this was probably dealt with by Parliamentary Services. Brits don’t need a job to get a work visa here, they need a work visa to get a job.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    I’d rather have a foreign PA than a kiwi one, foreign chicks can be pretty hot.

    So maybe just let the hot chicks in?

    • Gazzaw

      I’m sure that Winston would go for that proposition.

    • I think you will find that NZ First did struggle to get a kiwi to take the job. Anyone under the age of 70 will know to steer well clear.

    • Sponge

      The best immigration criteria I have ever heard. It reminds me of when I was a student and worked in a bar on the strip. We had “the ugly stick” that we would point at fat/ugly birds to get the bouncers to boot them out.

  • Bet Winnie wishes she was more of a shy coconut

    • unsol

      Come on NMR – you don’t need to resort to a derogatory term to make your point. Especially given objection to the same kind of thing over ME yesterday.

      • (its an homage to cams previous post regarding an nz first coconut shy)

        • unsol


  • David

    Yes, we have high unemployment, but I have not got a problem with this. Ms Mallon had a work permit so she was allowed to work. Now her permit has lapsed so she cannot work. What’s the problem? This is how the world works. Many New Zealanders travel to foreign countries, get a work permit and work there. Why can’t Rachel Mallon do the same here?

    • Yea man I am one of those filthy immigrants, got PR and all, and somehow managed to purloin a Kiwi job from a more deserving local. Careful WhaleOil, pitching your countrymen as somehow helpless in the onslaught of foul foreign job thieves might make you look a little libtardy!

  • unsol

    Hmmm, she’s a NZ first MP.

    That’s ironic – she wasnt born in NZ…doesn’t that make her an immigrant?

    And an unskilled one too judging by her biography – no tertiary qualification (but does state Auckland University tertiary papers! That’s even worse than Fenton’s partially completed BA!!) & has essentially been a public service bludger….

    She seems like a really nice lady, but I do get so sick of MPs and there blatant hypocrisy.

    Edit: re Rachel – yep, highly irritating as there are plenty of qualified NZers to do the same job.

    Bloody annoying actually given Peters bleats on about skilled migrants coming here to do work that NZ doesnt have enough skilled workers for.

  • Hazards001

    WTF does a list MP need a PA for and who’s paying for it? All a list MP has to do is turn up
    and vote which ever way the party leader tells them too. They have no other duties or responsibilities. Maybe the PA tells them when to turn up and what the vote is meant to be? The gravy train just keeps on chugging along!

    Took the pic below this afternoon on my through Hunters Corner.

  • Mr_V4