Obama wusses out on gun control, NRA win again

I don’t know why politicians ever try to take on the NRA. They are quite simply the best political lobbying group in the world.

They always win.

Ron Fournier, a liberal panty-waist anti-gun sooky baby is upset about it all too:

The ban on assault weapons sponsored by Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California apparently died Tuesday with barely a whisper from media outlets or the White House. Black bunting should have hung from every window in Washington.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Democratic ally of Obama, told reporters that Feinstein’s proposal could not overcome Senate rules requiring the support of at least 60 senators before allowing a final vote. The proposal “using the most optimistic numbers, has less than 40 votes. That’s not 60,” he said.

In fairness, the gun lobby deserves most of the blame for creating a political climate in which any regulation of firearms is viewed as an attack on the constitutional right to bear arms. This as much a financial issue to the NRA and its industry allies as it is a constitutional one.

But Obama and fellow Democrats shoulder a responsibility to reframe the debate around unassailable facts: The Second Amendment is not at risk; modest regulations would improve gun safety and strengthen the nation’s noble gun culture; and nobody outside the U.S. military needs an assault weapon. Instead, the White House and Democratic lawmakers signaled retreat on the assault-weapons ban almost immediately after Obama proposed it. He didn’t fight.

“We cannot tolerate this anymore,” a teary-eyed president told the nation after the Sandy Hook shootings. “We are not doing enough and we will have to change.” 

I don’t doubt Obama’s sincerity, but it is fair to question the president’s stomach for hard and hands-on legislative campaigns in a divided Congress. Not only are the facts on his side, but so is the public. An ABC News/Washington Post poll shows that 52 percent of the public favor stricter gun laws; 91 percent support background checks at gun shows; 82 percent want to make illegal gun sales a federal crime; and 57 percent favor a ban on assault weapons.

Every member of Congress, every White House aide, and every National Rifle Association dues-payer should take another look at those numbers. Be ashamed.

Sure, there is a chance that Obama will eventually sign legislation that requires background checks at gun shows, that makes gun trafficking a federal crime and that provides funding for school security. These provisions would allow Democrats, moderate Republicans, and a legacy-seeking president to claim they did something about gun violence. And they might, in fact, help. But don’t be impressed: If anything comes out of the GOP-controlled House, it’s likely to be weakened.


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  • Richard

    As much as I find the American firearms situation nuts, the funadamental issue is that they have a rock solid constitutional protection for the right to bear arms. The courts have considered this several times and found that the words are clear.
    Now whilst from an NZ perspective the interest in a standing militia might seem odd when the US has a federal army, the founding fathers intent was that citizens could take up arms to oppose an overbearing state. Of course a militia would be annihilated but that’s not the point. If you want to place limits on the second amendment you’ve got to get the popular support to do this through the political system.
    That’s not to say that there aren’t lots of other things they could do as you mention above including properly funding the care of the mentally ill as opposed to ‘community’ care which sometimes means no care at all.
    As for the chances of an increasingly obnoxious state? Last week you woudn’t have thought the EU would pressure the Cypriate government to simply steal money from their citizens bank accounts??

    • cows4me

      More so Richard the Liberals will work with the young to turn them against conservative ideals such as those in the constitution. Just like kids here are taught to report abuse to school teachers ( re S59 ) school kids are now been forced fed the evils of the gun. Give them a few years gun ownership will be seen as unpatriotic and something to be held in disdain.