Obviously not too busy with Novopay or teaching something relevant

via Sun Live

via Sun Live

Students at a Western Bay of Plenty school were speechless when they arrived to find trailer loads of rubbish and a used car dumped on their school grounds.

Last Thursday Pahoia School teachers and Principal Marcus Norrish dumped about four trailer loads of recyclable rubbish in the courtyard of the school in a “risky” plan to get children thinking.

“We just wanted to do something to sort of make you stop and go ‘what’s going on?’ and then see what kind of direction they went with their wonderings and their thinking after that.”

The rubbish sourced from teachers’ homes and the Maleme Street Transfer Station was scattered around the school grounds at about 7am.

Marcus says children were shocked when they arrived to find their school trashed.

“They really just wandered around going ‘wow’ and started talking about what they thought might have happened.

“Some kids thought about who did it? Other kids started thinking about what would happen if we didn’t clean it up?”

A full school assembly was held after children arrived to discuss the rubbish before children headed back to their classrooms.

They weren’t told it was a set-up until just before heading home for the day.

I have a better idea.  Why don’t they burn a few classrooms down to make kids think about fire safety?  Or why not bash some of the children up to make them think about assault?


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  • johnbronkhorst

    Did you say…..some rats dumped some rubbish? Looks like it to me.

  • mike

    After seeing my step sons school report, and hearing about what he does at school I have to ask… what the fuck happened to the NZ education system??? I remember going to school and learning how to read, write and do maths… now all they seem to do is play games and learn fuck all. Is this the future of our country, a generation of illiterate self absorbed under achievers?

    • Orange

      I believe the answer is “Kay Hawk”

      • mike

        Ah so a misguided “new age” educator who believes trying is more important than achieving… because in her world even when you come dead last you’re still a winner! Cue the Tui billboard… YEAH RIGHT!

        • Orange


    • Peej

      If your step son is an illiterate self absorbed under achiever that is down to whoever has raised him not those who see him briefly at school.

      • Orange

        and we have a winner!

      • Guest

        Well his father is a douche bag who never didn’t pay child support for two years…

      • mike

        Well his father is a douche bag who didn’t pay child support for two years…

      • Pissedoffyouth

        Wait, briefly at school?

        Are you fucking retarded, I’m sure 5 hours or more a day isn’t “briefly” to normal people

        • Peej

          Prove you’re not retarded by doing the maths on how many hours of his life the step son will spend at school in the first 16 years of his life. Work out how many hours he will spend not at school. Post on here the proof of “briefly.”

          • Mr Sackunkrak

            Well fuckwit, a day is 24 hours and lets say a child spends 10.5 hours sleeping (8pm to 6.30am) that leaves 13.5 hours. Now a school day is 8.30 to 3.30 that’s 7 hours exposed to the mind molesters, not counting extra-curricular time. That’s 51.85% of a child’s weekday exposed to a teacher. Hardly fucking brief, but that’s the math. Now I’m thinking you’re a social studies teacher. And that you really should just fuck off.

          • Peej

            How could I argue with a genius? And if I were a teacher, especially a social studies one, not just a mere parent, I’d probably work out that out of 168 hours a week, a kid spends a maximum 35 hours at school. When schools in. Most stuff a kid learns is not learned at school.

          • Mr Sackunkrak

            Didn’t read the penultimate paragraph, fail. Fuck off.

          • Mr Sackunkrak

            If you think your kids being taught lessons in rubbish on the roadside is great education for higher academic achievement, more fool you. But I suppose these days it may help when put along side the gold stars they get for achievement in Climate Change Studies, Snails Without Homes, the Treaty of Waitangi, Rainbow-pooping Unicorn Studies and other shite like that.

      • Red

        What a dork of a comment

  • what did Mark Twain say? “i never let the state get in the way of a good education”.

    We really need to teach our own kids to resist these crazy leftie teachers ways.

  • Peej

    And why don’t they get the kids to read this blogsite to discover how cretins see the world?

    • Orange

      troll incoming

    • Mr Sackunkrak

      Teachers’ union meeting over? I’ve always liked them as they are an hour or so of the childrens’ not being molested. But otherwise ….

      • Mr Sackunkrak

        Actually, this one has turned out to be fun to play with.

    • Cadwallader

      How did you manage to find it?

  • peterwn

    I thought it was an ‘installation’ created by the art teacher.

    • jonno1

      My friend went to an art class where the tutor’s “installation” was crawling slowly down a flight of stairs. Even my arty-farty friend was appalled.

  • JonathanP

    Yeah sure cherry pick one school out of how many.
    Mountain-mole hill.
    Good try though.
    But lets just let our kids drop their rubbish where they please without consequence.
    It’ll just be some other persons problem right

  • Greg

    Says it all they are teaching kids RUBBISH.

  • Don Pemberton

    and who paid to get it all cleaned up or did the Principal stay behind after school