Oh please Stuff, don’t start doing Herald Bombs too!

It appears to be an industry problem: The person that writes the article doesn’t choose the headline and doesn’t choose the picture. And as we’ve seen with all the Herald Bombs, the people in the overseas call centre that this is being crowd sourced to really have no idea about our country, so they frequently get the names wrong.

via Stuff

via Stuff



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  • Pissedoffyouth

    Not to be nitpicky but this weeks Truth has a few errors like that in it….

    • It shall not have special treatment. Next time, post them for all to see! ;)

    • RightOfGenghis

      Irrelevant. the truth makes no claim to being ‘decent journalists, trained and skilled’. it’s a case of ‘talk the talk, walk the walk’

  • commonsense

    Weekend staff.

  • Maybe I should start picking out all the typos and grammatical errors on this blog. God knows there’s a fair few……..