Old fashioned journalism by a decent journalist, trained and trained

I mourn the loss of this kind of polite yet insistent type of questioning of our leaders.

Background:  Ireland is asked to pay BILLIONS of Euros to bail out European banks, with no apparent benefit to Irish tax payers.


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  • PlanetOrphan

    Who needs a speaker of the house, why’d they go bankrupt? , simple question.
    They didn’t want to answer because it’s the Iran embargo …

    • Dumrse

      Is that what the Irish taxi driver said ? Cause fuck all else you said makes sense. Did you think you we’re still at the Standaaard.

      • PlanetOrphan

        You’d have to ask an Irishman, and no, just signing off.

        • Muffin

          Retarded, like I said

          • PlanetOrphan

            Indeed, 126 on tickle.com (Top or Bottom 5% I forget which, no real difference anyway)
            what’s your’s Muffin?

  • le sphincter

    And we could ask why $1.8 bill of taxpayers money went mostly to investors in Hubbards finance company, solely because Bill English rolled over a guarantee that blind freddy

    could see was a complete waste of money.

    That $1.8 bill could have given $18,000 deposit to 100,000 first home buyers !

    $300 mill went to bond holder who didnt have a guarantee, but were smart enough to see that a fool like Bill English and ‘his money’ are soon parted

    This guy continues to borrow $150 mill a week, and were are even further behind when they took over in 2007/2008

    • Dion

      I agree with you on Hubbard (I’m not going to defend Bill English on that one).

      But that said, it’s not the same, is it? Irish taxpayers are being asked here to bail out foreign owned banks. I’m not sure South Canterbury Finance was foreign owned – unless you know something I don’t.

      Why do the left always feel the need to make shit up?

      • Steve R

        Because that’s how they roll. They specialize in half truths And lies. Trouble is once that shits out there it’s to late

    • Macca

      Sorry Arsehole, but would that be the policy that your snivelling hero Cullen introduced prior to the 2008 election in another cynical attempt by Liarbore to buy their way back in to power? And here you are trying to blame National for honoring it – crawl back under your rock with shame – fuckwit!!!!!!!

    • Sponge

      “This guy continues to borrow $150 mill a week” Jesus Christ can you imagine how much that school traitor Cullen and the unspeakably vile Clarke would be borrowing in the same situation?

  • Steve R

    Don’t forget Ireland is a country that’s already in trouble. I saw a program on tv where they went to a housing development that was empty 30 plus new homes . The reporter claimed that it was one of 3000 developments just like it in Ireland .
    And let’s be honest that German sounded like he was from ww2. Ha hahha

  • nzd.gbp

    It’s all coming home to roost now that people realise these bailouts cost real money.

    So Irish banks lent on houses based on a calculus of continuing expected returns and the prices went up and they all wallowed in the wealth effect to the cheers of Russell Norman’s wealth-comes-from-printers crew.
    Meanwhile, Bernanke prints and Stocks rise and he’s creating wealth out of thin air and Russell Norman thinks that’s marvelous.
    George Osbourne promises equity sharing and cheap loans on houses to help push the prices up and generate a wealth effect to kickstart the recovery instead of slashing red tape or tearing up restrictive development regulations despite the population growth.
    Cyprus will only accept a bailout if they don’t have to pay for it.

    Russell Norman wants the NZD devalued so Shearer can repatriate the shitloads he earned from the 3rd world poverty and war industry.

    With all this bad news aren’t we lucky we have such a generous and kind hearted political class?

  • Mr_V4

    Zee German does not know how to rezpond to zee queztion.

  • ratesarerevolting

    Sergeant Schultz has been dieting I see.