Once again we have inconsistency from Labour

Outgoing MP Trevor Mallard hosted a meeting in Hutt South for their next MP, Holly Walker. He looks so enthusiastic about it all too:


The meeting was on behalf of Young Labour and they were campaigning for what they call Tertiary Fares…or cheap public transport fared for young bludgers. 

Now colour me surprised. I thought Labour passed a law removing the differential wage rates for youth. Further they will have spent all day in parliament yesterday opposing National new Youth Minimum Wage.

Surely if it is discriminatory to oppose youth wages then it is likewise discriminatory to subsidise their public transport fares.

Can’t have it both ways Trev.


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  • Dave

    Trev – Young Labour, bit like letting a pedo run the girl guides!! Trev can only be there for one reason and that would be …………

  • unsol

    “Now colour me surprised”…classic!

    Double standards? I’m not surprised.

    And this is my case & point: Mallard may not be invisible, but he SHOULD be as he IS useless!!!

    • Captain Crab

      About as useless as you arsehole

      • Kacanga


  • blokeintakapuna

    Twisted hypocrisy and double standards galore. Labour are so conflicted with their faux Sanctimonious outrages and failed ideology as to be more plastic and conceited in their ethics and morals than Hone…

  • blokeintakapuna

    If Trev’s body language was for analysis… You’d think he was just asked to list his top 3 achievements since entering Parliament!

  • peterwn

    What are student loans supposed to be for?

  • tarkwin

    Holly Walkers greatest achievement is being a Theresa Gattung impersonator. (a job and a look no sane person would want) Even Trev isn’t interested.

  • Grizz30

    Look it is the right of every student to demand free stuff.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Holly Molly will win Hutt South so easily. Forget and move on folks. You can’t do anything about that – Trev or no Trev. Hutt South is Labour territory for ever.

  • Troy

    I wonder how many turned up. Nonetheless, he is tired because of the numerous amount of times he got up in the chamber this week to raise stupid childish points of order.

  • Goldie

    ” they were campaigning for what they call Tertiary Fares”
    Labour – yet more money for students, paid for by workers.
    Hard to believe that Labour was once the party of the workers.

    • Hazards001

      Exactly..then the students hit the workforce with a degree paid for by working people many that have never even stepped foot in a university and then after a couple of years getting paid a wage and watching their tax go up as their ROI goes down they flip flop to the right.
      Shameless pricks. Interest free loans should be scrapped along with WFF and paid parental leave!

  • Mr_V4

    Holly Walker is representative of the broader issue, complete inexperience in the world of anything that isn’t taxpayer subsidised, studied useless degrees, and yet is in parliament hoping to have decision making power in areas she has no knowledge of.