Once upon a time – the chick’s version

Following on from my General debate post…here is the chicks version, which one of my readers emailed to the tipline:



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  • PlanetOrphan

    Preferred the first one for some reason, less baggage :-.{
    It’s almost like she didn’t tell him to fuck off afterall.

  • Jimmie

    Hmmm yeah coz its so much fun growing old by yourself working all day and then cleaning the house on your day off, with no real point to life. No one to share all the ups and down of life with.

    Between the 2nd the last paragraph and when she died was a period of around 60 years.

    An sometime after the age of 40 she found out that going out and picking up one night stands was getting kind of hard to do…..

    6 decades of living by yourself isn’t that wonderful I would have thought

    • Callum

      Fucken awesome if you’re a guy though.