One great big long sledge against the Argies

Nile Gardiner delivers one great big long sledge against the Argies over the Falkland Islands:

Just last month, Argentina’s foreign minister Hector Timerman declared that the Falkland Islanders “do not exist”. Well they do exist, and clearly do not wish to live under the boot of Argentina. Many of the Falklands’ 3,000 inhabitants have lived under Argentine occupation, and have no desire to do so again. Argentina’s increasingly unpopular government, desperate to whip up nationalist sentiment against a backdrop of Socialist-driven economic decay, will attempt to dismiss the referendum as an irrelevance. But there can be no doubt that the huge vote in favour of the status quo on the Falkland Islands will make Kirchner’s campaign to turn the Falklands into “las Islas Malvinas” even more futile. It will make it harder for Mrs. Kirchner to stomp around the United Nations calling for negotiations over the sovereignty of the Islands, when barely any of its inhabitants share her views. The Falklands referendum result will only further reinforce the image of Cristina Kirchner as a desperate figure who lives in her own parallel universe, destined to become a laughing stock even among her own Latin American neighbours, who will only grow more and more weary of her Falklands obsession. 

This week’s Falklands vote is a victory for the principle of self-determination, and a powerful rebuke to those who wish to suppress it. The Kirchner regime can rage all it likes, but it has no prospect of seizing the Falklands. For as long as its inhabitants wish to remain under the protection of the Crown, Britain will defend them, and stand up to Argentina’s threats and intimidation.

Argentina’s government claims the Falklands will be theirs within 20 years. This is the language of delusion, and the stuff of pure fantasy, the pathetic ranting of a failed presidency, which cares little for the prosperity of its own people, and nothing at all for the freedom and liberty of the Falkland Islanders. There is of course no room for complacency on the part of the British government, which must maintain a robust military presence in the South Atlantic. But it is hard to escape the conclusion that the feisty inhabitants of the Falklands have succeeded, through the ballot box, in humiliating the bully of Buenos Aires and her decrepit regime.


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  • Gulag

    Brainwashed Argentinian reasoning; An argument they use is because the Falklands is closer to Argentina than Britain it therefore belongs to Argentina The Faroe Islands is closer to IScotland than it is to Denmark so according to Argentinian reasoning it therefore belongs to Scotland

  • Gulag

    Distances from Faroe Islands to nearest countries and islands

    North Rona, Scotland (uninhabited): 260 kilometres (160 mi)

    Shetland (Foula) (Scotland): 285 kilometres (177 mi)

    Orkney (Westray) (Scotland): 300 kilometres (190 mi)

    Mainland Scotland: 320 kilometres (200 mi)

    Iceland: 450 kilometres (280 mi)

    Ireland: 670 kilometres (420 mi)

    Denmark: 990 kilometres (620 mi)

  • Patrick

    Don’t be so sure, plenty of international pressure is being brought to bear upon the UK to give up the Falklands, even the Yanks are pressuring the UK. Let’s not forget who the Yanks’ allies are in Iraq & Afghanistan, bit of a shame they cannot bring themselves to reciprocate & support the UK but that is typical of the USA. Being forced into giving up the islands would be a disgraceful act of dishonouring the British servicemen that were killed defending the islands. Thatcher would never countenance such an act & the weak as piss current (& future) government shouldn’t either.

  • peterwn

    He is wasting words – two would have sufficed – Get F###ed.