Only a teachers union would oppose their employer paying bonuses

In the topsy-turvy world of education where teachers think they are the ones in charge would they oppose bonuses being paid by their employer, yet that is precisely what they have done in Nelson. They even had a stop-work meeting to discuss it:

Staff at the Nelson and Marlborough campuses of NMIT stopped work yesterday and voted by a large majority to take industrial action to oppose the employer’s proposals to pay them bonuses. In Nelson, a banner competition followed the stop work meeting. Union members walked out into the main green space of campus and shared lunch together, displaying banners, flags and slogans. 

NMIT is again offering its staff two 0.5 percent bonuses. The first if it reaches a surplus three percent of its revenue. The second 0.5 percent one-off bonus is subject to NMIT having achieved its course completion and qualification completion targets for 2013.

What a bunch of numpties. If I was their employer I’d celebrate not having to pay bonuses to ungrateful lazy staff.


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  • CJA


  • Bafacu

    No real wonder – it’s based on them achieving something so they wouldn’t get it in any case!

  • Tom

    What a bunch of fucking retards.

    “shared lunch together, displaying banners, flags and slogans”—- Rainbows and windchimes at the beach

    Unionists are too dense to realise that an employer that can pay you more if you make them more, is great for both sides. If you don’t want to work harder, then don’t! But to try to stop fellow workers getting ahead is just exposing the union for what it is: Lazy selfish arrogant wankers. Fuck em

  • Jman

    They’re not opposing being paid bonuses. They’re opposing having their performance measured. I’m sure if they could collect the bonus without having the indignity of showing they deserve it, then they would be all for it.

    It’s time to fix this cancerous system. Education is too important to be left in the hands of these union cretins.

  • Dave

    Well, they still lose. Time for the CEO of NMIT to announce they will meet their budgets somehow, and as the STAFF and UNIONS rejected a bonus to all work together, there will obviously need to be some STAFF CUTS, yes folks, we are removing the deadwood. Kills two birds with one pen stroke, saves funds, weeds out the deadwood!!

    And where does that leave the unions, no where to go!! CEO says we tried to work with you, you rejected working together and our our bonus scheme.

    Bonus for us, lower staff numbers mean lower union fees, and less siphoned off to Liebour.

  • Kacanga

    Easy solution – propose that as the union members are against the bonus, it will be paid to non union staff only.

  • johnbronkhorst

    So make NMIT a charter school!!!