Owl Protests outside PPTA Offices, while illiterate teachers protest elsewhere

The Owl protested outside PPTA Offices

Yesterday the Owl held a protest outside the PPTA offices as a response to the PPTA’s lack of filing of financial returns on the Incorporated Societies Office. The Owl was quoted as saying “It has taken 5 years for them to file their 2007 Financial Accounts and they only did on 28th February 2013. The Owl believes in was a cynical move by the PPTA to hold off 5 years in filing their returns and with revenues of millions they could not find 10 minutes in 5 years to follow the laws of the land”.

Their 2008 Annual Reports said they employed 23 staff in Finance Administration.

Observation by the Owl
Next time I do a protest I need to make sure there is someone there – I left a post-it note on their door. There are many villains in this issue of non-filing and why the PPTA have got 2007 sorted out now I am not confident on future years.

In other news union scum protesting Novopay failed NCEA level 1 sign making grammar: 

Grammar fail

The reader who emailed it in says:

Obviously Novopay is a total debacle, and you have to feel for those teachers who haven’t been paid properly.

I was equally upset, however, by the attached screen grab from TNVZ Breakfast today (5 March 2013). As you can see this teacher – registered no doubt – has a sign saying “Novopay has had it’s day.”

I would have thought that at least one of the teachers there would have taken the red pen to “it’s” and replaced with the correct “its.”

I guess grammar isn’t very political but I would have hoped our teachers at least would know how to get it right.

Keep up the good work mate! Have just registered for my MRP shares by the way. Can’t wait.



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  • blazer

    poor Owl…he must have been hospitalised when he saw U.S Vice president spell potato e!

  • parorchestia

    If Owl thinks their grammar is bad, he should see their arithmetic. “Fractions, fractions, far too hard. Should be dropped from the curriculum.” A statement by a graduating teacher recently.

    • johnbronkhorst

      A few years ago, a student teacher asked my wife (no use asking me) to proof read her final essay before she qualified. My wife said, there were at least 3 spelling mistakes and a couple of punctuation/grammatical errors on EVERY line of a 4 page essay. This woman is still teaching at a primary school!!!..National standards anyone?

  • Peterkar

    You bloody hypocrite. Your Duncan Garner piece, March 5th, has on its second line “…one of it’s articles…” You should avoid lecturing others – even these sub-literate arseholes – until you’ve mastered a bit of grammar yourself.

    • Hazards001

      Why? He’s not a school teacher and never claimed to be one. If a school teacher can’t spell or put punctuation in the correct place it doesn’t say a lot for the education our kids are getting does it?

      • Peterkar

        I picked only one example. There are hundreds more. And while I agree strongly with the general point – about educational quality – those wishing to improve it are going to have to fight from positions of strength.

        • Bunswalla

          If you want to be the grammar sheriff, don’t make rookie mistakes such as starting a sentence with a conjunction.

          • Peterkar

            “And the idea that ‘and’ must not begin a sentence,……… is an empty superstition. The same goes for ‘but’. Indeed either word can give unimprovably early warning of the sort of thing that is to follow.” Kingsley Amis, “The King’s English”. See also Henry Fowler, “Modern English Usage” (Birchfield Edition) .. “the persistent belief that it is improper to begin a sentence with ‘and’ (is) a prohibition cheerfully ignored by standard authors from Anglo-Saxon times onwards”. In other words, do some reading, you ignorant prick.

          • Bunswalla

            You’ve got your sources, you bombastic buffoon, and I’ve got mine. If you can’t offer anything useful to this blog you unmitigated troll, why don’t you go forth and multiply, old bean?

          • Peterkar

            What a shame. I’ve obviously upset you. But do have the balls to name your sources.

          • Bunswalla

            By the way, fuck-knuckle, you used completely the wrong word in your petty rant above, to wit: “sub-literate arseholes”. The word sub-literate means:

            1. Not interested in or able to read artistic

            2. Of, relating to, or being language that is
            dialectal, slangy, or full of jargon.

            Perhaps you meant to use “semi-literate” which means:

            1. Unable to read or write with ease or fluency; poorly educated:a high proportion of the population is still relatively poor and semi-literate

            2. (Of a text) poorly written:the semi-literate glossies.

            Welcome to Tosspotville; population: You.

        • I just want to point out that in order to keep the Blog going ( a Full time unpaid job ) in addition to his Full time PAID job as Editor of a newspaper WO has to write his articles for the Blog very late at night, He usually comes to bed at midnight. He has no time to proof read and many errors are due to him typing so damn fast rather than genuine spelling errors.
          if you want a polished product you will need to PAY for it so he can hire a sub editor. A sign in comparison is a no brainer to proof read.

          • Peterkar

            Fair enough, up to a point. I don’t have any quarrel with minor issues of grammar or spelling until the people taking issue with those who commit them are also guilty of the same errors. For the record, I’m an avid reader of this blog.

  • Rat

    Has OWL made that complaint to NZICA yet that he was recommended to do in regards to a complaint about the Auditors ( no point jumping up and down… do something about it !!!)??, I’ve been waiting for Toms pisstaking of kitchentop accountants response.

    I guess not huh ?

    • owl

      You haven’t been reading time for accountability posts on my stories