Parking Warden reports in on lowest c#nts of all

Via the tipline


it’s illegal to use anything but the ORIGINAL of a permit (it was his wifes and she was using it across town at the time)


a senior driver, not a learner



2009, still being used in 2010



2006, still in use 2010


Now, the next three is why we photograph windscreens:




the reason we photograph car windscreens… I call that the magic permit, he claimed it was there all along and I didn’t see it



note the piece of paper used to cover the permit (prayer notice, lol)



well and truly expired



2008 permit



2007 permit


People pretending to be handicapped and taking up handicapped parking spots truly are the scum of the earth.  I imagine if I met someone like that, they would need a mobility parking permit after all.


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  • cows4me

    Ah the joys of city living.

    • Dave

      You don’t have special spots for your handicapped cows ?? How do they ever cope?

      • Tom

        They would cope…. as burgers

        • 4077th

          No, that is for horses!

      • cows4me

        They’re all handicapped Dave, God wasn’t to generous in handing out the brains on this model but I will admit you get the odd one that is way to clever for it’s own good.

  • Steve R

    I see them all day long. I spose ignorance could be termed a disability. If you want pics of official cars just let me know I saw a Maori health board car using the disabled car park right out side the Weymouth McDonald’s today. They should know better but perhaps they can’t read English.

    • Dave

      Perhaps next time we see a signwritten car at a Macdonalds or similar, we note the car rego, go into maccas, and shout, the driver of car rego xxxxxx, hey your car is being towed away, then have someone film that “handicapped” person running out.

      • Mr_Blobby

        Maori health board says it all. Some big fat piece of trash would have wobbled out when it was ready and not before.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Under the treaty they can park wherever they want, they are exempt. Now be a good boy and run along.

      • Steve R

        Sorry Willie Jackson I forgot

  • Dave

    Note the Radar Detector at the bottom centre of the Maroon coloured sedan (three pictures) Yup, thats a real necessity for a handicapped driver.

    PLease tell us the drivers of the cars were booked for illegally using a Handicapped Park, and a permit illegially.

  • Jimmie

    They shouldn’t ticket these scum they should arm the meter ladies with a sharp knife and get them to stab two tyres on the cars.

    This way the scum have their vehicles disabled and have to wait 2 hours for a tow truck – thus using up all the time they thought they would save by ripping off the disabled.

  • drivel, drivel whale oil drivel l everywhere I go there is a plethora of front parking spaces over catering for disabald peeople. If I see six spaces left and one in go in. Anyone who clamps my car will meet an unfortunate

    • surfisup

      you do see this sometimes.

      eg, outside my gym, there must be around 6 disabled spots. In the last 3 years, I’ve maybe seen them all used just once. And, 90% of the time it is completely empty.

      But, i don’t mind so much, the purpose of going to the gym is exercise so a little extra walking is part of my workout :)

    • Steve R

      I know what you mean. Like why should disabled folks get a park right outside the door. It’s not like they have to walk like us normal folks

  • bobby

    I saw some punk parking in a mobility park near the lantern festival a couple of weeks ago in a later model, silver BMW. He got out and ran off up the street… minutes later two mobility vans arrived with people to go to the festival. Because this guy had parked there one of the vans could not and had to go elsewhere.

    I took a photo of his mobility card and car – contacted the mobility card people who could only confirm the card was not for a person matching the description I gave. I also tracked him down via his numberplate to send him a letter. The guy is a selfish punk.

    • blazer

      silver BMW…not a socialist then!

      • Anything under a 7 series is a wannabe

      • disqus_Hzn8Pa0F8b

        No, nor an eye for colour.

      • Patrick

        Aunty Helen liked them so much she got a fleet to ferry Ministers around. If she isn’t a socialist then I don’t know who is.

        • blazer

          did the Natz just update that entire fleet?

          • Patrick

            Probably but they are socialists too – just not as blatant as Helen & co are.

    • Bunswalla

      Wow, note to self: don’t piss bobby off.

  • starboard

    waiting for the day all gays demand special parking permits.

    • Rodger T

      Don`t you like competition, SB?

  • surfisup

    My dad had a disabled parking permit and he commented once to a fat maori woman who’d parked in a disabled spot without a permit.

    This lady went nuts and started swearing and threatened to assault dad. There are some absolute scumbags in this world.

    He generally stopped asking people after that. The type of person who ignores disabled parking rules is quite often also the type of person who’ll smash your face in.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Under the treaty they can park wherever they want, they are exempt. Now be a good boy and run along.

  • Lion_ess

    Re: the Milano, I’m quite proficient at parking like that.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    Just like the fucking pricks who scream down the bus lane and cut right in front at the lights during peak hour

    • Bob

      This irritates the f#%k out of me as well, the Gilllies road on ramp is a good example, everyone queues then some prick in a flash car drives 500 meters up the other lane and try’s to crowd their way in. I won’t let them in and few seem keen to really take on my trusty old car, a dent or scrape doesn’t worry me!

    • Mr_Blobby

      The answer is to get rid of the fucking bus lanes to help ease the congestion.

  • Blair Mulholland

    What I despise are the ones here in Texas that get permits for no other reason that being really fucking fat. Then they go into the supermarket and ride on the complimentary scooters. Ugh.

    • Supermarkets have complimentary fat people scooters? #californtication

  • Mr_Blobby

    No Parking wardens are still the lowest cunts of all.

    Councils that fail to prepare and implement proper parking and traffic management plans, then think the answer is heavy handed, very lucrative, enforcement, for failing to do the job properly in the first place,are not far behind.