Peter Dunne and Bill English swallow half a dead rat each



Vernon Small writes

The proposed car park tax is no more. The Government has today announced a back-down on the widely-derided plan.

Finance Minister Bill English and Revenue Minister Peter Dunne in a statement said the Government would not continue with the change, which would have imposed fringe benefit tax on on-premises employer-paid car parks in the central business districts of Auckland and Wellington.

“The proposal was made as a matter of fairness, because in general we consider that cash and non-cash benefits should be taxed the same way,” English said.

“While we do not resile from that general principle, we do need to be pragmatic. Sometimes the game is not worth the candle and this was considered likely to be one of those proposals where the cost of compliance, compared with the likely return, made it not worth pursuing.”

Mere hours ago, Peter Dunne was still in the news pushing for his Car Park Tax.  But what should have been done even before he opened his mouth many weeks ago, he’s now “discovered” it would only net the government coffers $17M.  And that’s if there is absolutely no tax evasion.

Pragmatism should have come into it much earlier.

The Government has finally realised that it looks desperate and penny pinching to be chasing $17M and it has bigger fish to fry.  Like paper boys and girls…

Why couldn’t this Car Park Tax idea have died on a meeting room table, before it was launched to the public?

Steven Joyce is already busy.  He doesn’t have time to tidy up after Peter Dunne as well.

Bill English once again shows that he doesn’t have a clue.

The Unions and the opposition will claim it as a win.  It will give them momentum at a time when the Government is already on the back foot more often than it needs to be.



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  • Rodger T

    Maybe these 1/2 wits could now try to come up with something other than another scheme to bleed the long suffering taxpayer dry?
    You know maybe something like a tax carrot to help encourage businesses and employees rather than bashing us over the head with the fucking tax stick everytime.
    Tho` politicians across the board are bereft of ideas,so I`m not holding my breath.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Unfortunately 2 1/2 wits do not make a full wit.

      two points 1. No Government has ever TAXED a country into prosperity and 2. No Government has ever borrowed its way out of a financial crisis.

  • If it wasn’t for the vagaries of MMP, Peter Dunne would have been irrelevant for nearly two decades now. As it is, he’s been one lucky, lucky bastard to find himself in the position where he gets to play with the big boys.

  • cows4me

    The government is like a drunk juggler and it’s all turning to crap. Just about time for a run on the banks before they try a Cyprus heist.

    • Rodger T

      Yeah, if I had any savings they would be going under the mattress.

  • Pita

    Perhaps a raid on personal savings accounts would be far more lucrative…say in the order of 10%…easily done, at the stroke of a pen.

    • niggly

      Shhh, don’t give Peter Dunne ideas like that!

  • Ronnie Chow

    Squeezing the lemon dry has been this governments agenda . I suspect this Dunne initiative was his price . Says a lot about the man .