Peter Dunne is the new Steve Jobs

Why is Peter Dunne the new Steve Jobs?

Because he now wants to bring us the iTax.

A tax on work phones, work tablets and laptops that might get used for personal use.

A planned tax on the personal use of work laptop and cellphones is potentially even more controversial than the recently-scrapped car park tax, the Government concedes.

The move by Inland Revenue has sparked a reaction from the group that successfully overturned the car park tax, signalling it could side with the big telecommunications and internet providers over the issue. 

The Government was now bracing for a further backlash over its tax plans.

It would look carefully at the reaction – which had been ”stronger” than the car park tax  – and look at how it works in practice, Revenue Minister Peter Dunne said today.

He got Dunne like a dinner yesterday, and he’ll get Dunne like a dinner again

Here’s a wild and crazy idea that would solve government revenue problems. Bring in a 3% interest rate on student loans. Would bring in $300-$400m easy.


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  • Michael

    Dunne is a cock. Over reaching IRD’s remit.

    • BJ

      That’s harsh. Peter Dunn is a harmless, mild mannered politician who doesn’t think big but is concerned with overall fairness with regards to the average taxpayer. When a group of taxpayers that are in a superior position to another group at any one time with regards to a particular conversation about small but annoying tax changes that now have the potential for toppling that superior group – they all get precious about it.

      Big corporates and small business alike have plenty of scope to take advantage of tax-free benefits particularly when it comes to the use of equipment and consumables of both small and large dimensions, all in the course of our work – yeah right!

      The taxpayer that doesn’t run a business, is totally honest in their government paid job and doesn’t get any welfare handouts, pays through the nose for everything they buy/use. Peter Dunn, I think, is a voice for those people about fairness surrounding what of their earnings is actually taxed while others – not always legitimately – get plenty of taxable income written off in the name of a ‘business expense’

      Disclosure: I am involved in a business.

      • Rodger T

        Peter Dunne is a useless fuckwit on the same scale as Len Brown,Chris Carter,Cullen et al.

  • EpochNZ

    This will only work if there is equally a way I can bill my employer for my internet usage (paid for by me) to log into work and support work systems, most usually at 2 in the morning.

    I cant honestly see where these ideas come from….the car park tax had the “reduce car numbers in the central city” feel to it, but this one?

    • PlanetOrphan

      Exactly, I foresee companies doing “Rent To Buy” schemes ….

  • johnbronkhorst

    If you want to balance the books peter……..working for families tax credit? or more like the cancelation of this ridiculous entitlement, would do the job instantly I would say!

    • Auto_Immune

      He is the guy who created the families commission. There’s no chance he’d get rid of something so ‘pro-family’.

      • BR

        It’s his most noteworthy achievement. Create another useless, obstructive and expensive government department.

        Dunne is one of the biggest wankers in parliament.


  • unsol

    “Here’s a wild and crazy idea that would solve government revenue problems. Bring in a 3% interest rate on student loans. Would bring in $300-$400m easy”

    Yep, but here’s an even crazier idea – scrap WFF & all benefits where recipients are not holding their hands out due to circumstances completely beyond their control.

    That would bring in a few billion

    Make Nz super contributions based not universal… that you get back in retirement what you bothered to put in during your work years. Didn’t work at all? Well too bad – be sure to live somewhere like Auckland where the climate is mild all year round.

    Oh, and scrap the subsidies on all tertiary courses, especially specific courses where a job is not likely – which at the moment includes BA ed – what’s the point in allowing these kids to get loans when there are zero jobs afterwards? Degrees are helpful as they prove a good work ethic but the reality is you could always leave school, work in a call centre or something like that for a few years, save your dollars then do a BA or BSc (part-time – must work still of course) etc & pay for it with your own money. Then you would have work history & a degree = more chance of earning decent dollars.

    From there, save save save. Save for your first home, child whatever. Don’t by new stuff. By secondhand & keep it minimal. THEN if you get hit by illness, serious accident or an earthquake the taxpayer – which would have meant you until this point, will happily lend you a hand.

    Hows that for a plan?

    Pity no govt will ever have the balls to do anything like it.

    As for the iTax – I like it in theory. Big fan of taxing those who use business anything for private use. It is another way to stop those who whittle down their taxable income so as to shirk their responsibilities whether tax, child support or to claim WFF.

    If the cost-benefit analysis looks good then I hope he goes for it.

  • Patrick

    If Dunne is scrabbling for money to “pay the rent” then take a look at WFF, free student loans etc. Not a few pennies down the back of the sofa aka taxing work laptop usage. What an absolute plonker this fellow is.

  • LabTested

    Every time I get a taxi from Auckland airport & ask for a receipt, I get a crap piece of paper that I know can not be traced back to the cab driver.

    There are gaping holes on tax collection that could be closed up with more public support than car park tax & iPad tax.

  • Agent BallSack

    Peter Dunne is obviously pissed off at the amount of slagging of him done by workers on business funded computers.

  • GregM

    This whole thing has the ” lightbulbs and showerheads” petty bullshit whiff about it.

  • Sarrs

    But…from an accounting perspective, this is a fringe benefit and should be taxed. It’s no different from using a company vehicle for personal use after work and on the weekends. That’s taxed and no one seems to care. The fact is, the employer is providing a good or service which reduces the employees personal expenses. That reduction in expenditure should be treated exactly the same as an increase in income. The net effect on the employee is the same and it should be subject to Fringe Benefit Tax, just as it would be subject to PAYE if it was paid as additional income. This isn’t a change in policy, it’s loophole tightening.

    • Cadwallader

      Yes, but this presumes FBT is a justifiable tax, I say no!

      • Callum

        It is a 100% justifiable tax, employees shouldn’t be able to shift private costs off their to their employer as a tax deductible expense.

        Just like work vehicles, no FBT as long as not available for private use. Honest employers and employees comply with that. The dodgy ones find themselves in the shit with the IRD when they get spotted at the boat ramp or in the supermarket carpark with baby seats strapped in the back.

        Adminstration costs getting too high and enforcement a bit harder for laptops, cellphones etc doesn’t change the fairness of the tax.

        • Sarrs

          From an employers point of view, I don’t see it increasing the administration costs significantly. It would just be another line on the FBT return with:
          (Cost * % of days available * FBT valuation rate) * FBT rate
          I’m going to take a really unpopular point of view here and say that everyone with a work cell phone or laptop that they can take home and use there should be subject to FBT on that item.
          Example – Jeff has a laptop that is available for him to use personally after work. The cost of that laptop was $2,500, it was available to him 100% of the time, the FBT valuation rate is 25% and the FBT rate is 49.25%.
          ($625 * 100% * 25%) * 49.25%
          $625 * 49.25%
          $307.82 per year.
          And that’s just guessing with the motor vehicle valuation rate. Something like a laptop or a cellphone would likely have a much higher valuation rate, decreasing the amount of FBT payable.

    • EpochNZ

      I do understand it from an accounting viewpoint, but in the real world if the employer did bring this in I might be less inclined to continue offering the “fringe benefits” the company gets from my loyalty, namely unpaid overtime (and lots of it just recently) and small purchases on my own private cards to save the hassle of having to fight the company procurement policies.

      • Callum

        That is an arguement between you and your employer, not the IRD/other tax payers. Realistically if your overall taxable package was insufficient for what you believe you are offering then you re-negotiate or change jobs.

  • David

    One-man band Dunne is at again. How does this MMP prostitute come up with these ridiculous ideas to fleece more taxes from hardworking New Zealanders? Why are my taxes being used to keep this inept freeloader in Parliament. Resign Dunne.

  • AnonWgtn

    Peter Dunne’s job as Revenue Minister is to explore every which way to increase the Government’s income, and that includes scams of whatsoever..
    You may not like what he does but actually he does a good job. Not popular but that goes with whoever has the role.

    • BJ

      Very pertinent

    • Mr Sackunkrak

      Best no one mentions a “deposits levy”, we don’t want to give him ideas.

    • David

      Bullshit. Dunne is hopeless and does a poor job. The only reason he has a cabinet post is the ruling party needs his vote. One-man band Dunne prostitutes himself to the ruling party after each election solely to keep his place on the gravy train.

  • cows4me

    Geez Possom head, if you spent less time trying to shaft the people up the arse to get that last cent out of them and more time sacking the fucking dead wood that infests Wellington you would be backing a winner. I would start with parasitic organisation like the fucking wimmins commission and that other useless piece of shit the human rights commission.

    • BJ

      Now you’ve mentioned the human rights commission – I’ve only just realised that this is one powerful misguided organisation that doesn’t ever consider the creative balance that’s needed between the individual and the community in order for society to not become disfunctional over time – which is where ‘Gay is taking us to – the next disfunction.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    In a pure policy sense that is right, but it sure has a “catching the pennies, missing the pounds” feel to it. Now, interest on student loans …

  • GregM

    Breaking news, it has just been shitcanned.
    That’s two dead rats in two days for possum Pete, hope he gets a guts ache.

  • bobby

    Aaaaaaaand…. scrapped.

  • Rodger T

    I`ve got it! How a about a Peter Dunne Tax?
    Everytime this stupid cunt opens his mouth,we the taxpayer tax him 50% of his taxpayer funded wealth, we would get our money back in no time .