Piers Akerman takes on 3 supposed journalists as they giggle and laugh over eroding press freedoms

Anger is building against Stephen Conroy, but there are those in the media that are tacitly supporting the moves.

What do you get when you put a real Journalist in a studio with 3 Labor Sycophants? Amongst the taunts and ridicule, Piers makes his point! Shame on the other three.

Piers Akerman stands up to 3 giggling idiots who purport to be journalists who are sitting by laughing as press freedoms are eroded by a government intent on muzzling the press. He explains his outburst:

It would not be news to readers of this site that this dysfunctional government’s ham-fisted attempts to muzzle the media anger me.

Unfortunately, I permitted that anger to show on the ABC’s Insiders program yesterday. 

Flanked by two people who laughed at the notion that press freedom was threatened, and mocked by the show’s host, I raised my voice.

Perhaps I should not have.

I was angered by their naivete, by their apparent belief that freedom can be trifled with.

I believe freedom is an absolute.

You either have a free press or you do not.


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  • thor42

    These idiots don’t mind more press restrictions because the restrictions will only be used to block criticism of a Labour government. For any other government, it’ll be “open season” as far as the press is concerned.
    If the Allied soldiers who died in the world wars were still here, they would be horrified at how rapidly the freedoms that they fought to protect were being removed.
    In Europe too – the Jews are fleeing many countries there due to the hostility of the Muslim immigrants (and also the media and very many idiotic brainwashed leftwing locals).
    How soon the fools forget……