Pimping the Poor – Just pay your rent

Now, I don’t have a heart of stone, and I feel some sympathy for the poor kid who is a genuine victim here, but here we go again:  a man doesn’t pay his rent and finds himself at the wrong end of his decision not to pay what is due.

James Greenland pimps the poor

A Nelson man is begging the public: “Bring back my kid’s stuff.”

Jason Scott said he has lost everything after “vultures” ransacked a pile of his property outside the St Vincent de Paul charity shop in Vanguard St last week.

The Nelson Mail reported that thieves had ransacked property left outside the store on Wednesday night. Mr Scott saw the story and realised it was his stuff that had been taken, but he had never intended for anyone to take it.

He said his belongings were dumped by former flatmates with whom he had fallen out over rent payments.

Pay your rent people.  That’s the basic message.

I do hope some of the kid’s toys are going to be returned, but it is unlikely.

Now Mr Scott is appealing for those who ransacked his goods to return what they took, or at least his son’s toys.

“If anyone has taken it, and they’ve got kids, and they realise it hadn’t actually been dumped, that it’s treasured things, they might just hand it back in. I just want the kids’ stuff back.

“In reality, that’s the only stuff that’s important, the kids’ stuff,” he said.

It seems Mr Scott also abandoned his property at the place he didn’t pay his rent.  He was already living somewhere else when his property was disposed of.

Mr Scott, who now lives at Franklyn Village, said he suspected his things were gone after he received a text message from his former flatmate.

He said he spent Thursday morning at the store rummaging through the St Vincent de Paul skip, but only recovered a few tattered photographs.

What goes unsaid is that Mr Scott’s former flatmates were clearly asking him to take his property away for some time, and they got fed up with it, and dumped it at St Vincent de Paul.

Obviously Mr Scott isn’t a wealthy man.

St Vincent de Paul staff said a skipful of what they assumed was unwanted rubbish had been taken to the tip last week.


Pay your bills and don’t treat other people like they owe you a living, and you could still have had your kid’s toys Mr Scott.

But here we go again with the media pimping the poor for a story.  He’s a deadbeat flatmate, and possibly even a shitty dad.  If he was already living somewhere else, and if his son’s toys are so important, why were they left at the old place for so long?


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  • rouppe

    It looks like Franklyn Village is a rooming house more than anything, so being the deadbeat sort has likely taken the cheapest option which is a single room, which is probably smaller than a skip load of property…

  • Gazzaw

    I’m surprised that the Nelson Mail hasn’t set up an appeal fund for gullible readers to pay into.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Not worth anything when even the charities think it is rubbish and throw it away

      Probably only has the son because of the income he is worth from WINZ.

  • Patrick

    Would not suprise me if it turns out there is an orchestrated campaign going on here in the media to pimp the poor in an attempt to have some of it rub off on John Key. Next you will see the great & good in the Labour Party telling us all how wonderful life will be under their reign. All that is required is to tax Cullen’s rich pricks just a little more.