Poll: Should I run a Gay Marriage poll on the blog?

Certain people have almost demanded I run a Marriage Equality Poll on the blog.

So in the interest of Democracy at work, let me ask you:

Should I run a Marriage Equality Poll on the blog

  • Yes (63%, 302 Votes)
  • No (37%, 180 Votes)

Total Voters: 482

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  • Normal folk have been visited upon by inlaws for many millenia… its time the rug-munchers and rear-end-loaders shared in the misery!

  • a better poll MIGHT be: “should i have a poll to ask whether i should shut up about gay marriage”

    • Well, we could have that poll, but it will be non-binding, you do realise that? ;)

    • Can we fund it using tax payers money?

  • BJ

    And can we have your assurance that it would be conducted and reported with total integrity?

    • Bunswalla

      That’s rich, coming from a man with the initials B and J :-P

      • BJ


        • Travis Poulson

          whoosh! heh sorry.

          • BJ

            Please explain? I’m having trouble with Bunswalla and your response and want to understand before I go

          • Travis Poulson

            Ignore us, we’re just being arseholes. Anyways,I did not have sexual relations with that woman.

          • Goldie

            Blowed if I can be bothered answering. I have a Job to do.

          • BJ


          • BJ

            Does whoosh mean its gone over my head? can the person that gave a tick up enlighten me?

      • Dave

        Probably better than the initials BS!

        • Bunswalla

          If you’re referring to me, my initial is B. Not that hard to work out, really.

    • Gayguy

      With the names of who voted which way as well.

      • Gayguy

        Ohhh someone did not like that suggestion.

        Hehe, who is the downvoter eh.

  • J.M

    Time to run one. Given how many down votes Gayguy gets I think I know what the verdict will be when the poll is done.

    • oh thats gold

    • Gayguy

      I am proud of how many down votes I get. Reassures me I am right and pissing off the haters.

      • BJ

        And you had been so good today not using the h word up till now

        • Gayguy

          My intention is not to please you but to have my say. And if I need to use a word that perfectly identifies a group of people I shall.

  • BJ

    I’ve changed my mind – No to a poll – there is too much scope for interest groups to be rallied to sign up as guests on mass especially for the vote

    • It’s not the real vote. Even if an interest group rigs it, it doesn’t change the result in parliament :)

      • BJ


        • I have it on fairly good authority that WOBH polls do not cause a bill to pass into law. So I think we’re safe.

  • PlanetOrphan

    Maybe a proviso that it means nothing unless the votes go over 1000?

  • Travis Poulson

    A poll on a poll, yuss!!!

    • Dave

      Or in horrid style, should that be a Poll on a Pole ?

      • pukakidon

        The horrid will always take the pole in the end

    • Andrei

      The Heralds daily poll, which at time of writing has 17050 votes is running 51% against this innovation. T’was higher earlier when I looked, I guess the word has gone out

      • Travis Poulson

        Voted. Don’t care if I’m the last man on earth to vote no.

      • unsol

        I don’t know anyone who bothers reading the Herald. But I did a quick google & saw their poll in January:


        Do you think that same-sex civil unions should be extended to marriage?
        • Yes 53.9%
        • No 38.1%
        • Unsure 8%

        Do you think doctors should be allowed by law to end an incurable patient’s life, if the patient requests it?
        • Yes 60.5%
        • No 18.2%
        • Depends on situation 16.2%
        • Unsure 5.1%

        Poll: Key Research. Commissioned by: Herald on Sunday

        Stuff – regularly shows over 70%. But it seems to be mostly left wing people who comment & poll on there so hard to know. Plus I think their voting numbers are only around the 1400 mark – good polls have at least 1600 with a margin of error of 2.5% or less.

  • Bunswalla

    Make up your mind – is it a poll about gay marriage, or about marriage equality? They are very different things.

    • Travis Poulson

      It’s Friday Buns, ask Jack, he has all the answers.

      • Bunswalla

        As you know, Trav, I call him John. We’ve known each other a long time.

    • BJ

      Very perceptive Bunswella. The poll title would need to be very clear and specific

    • LabTested

      I would like some equality in my marriage, but the Mrs said no

  • Dave

    Frankly, I dont give a damn, if they Gays etc want to be legally married, lets let them, then they too can make lawyers rich via that thing called DIVORCE.

    Frankly, there is a country to run, and the time, resource and energy that has gone into this is ridiculous. Even if Marriage Equity is legal, its not going to make a gay couple better or worse, just gives them a piece of legal paper.

    Just pass the legislation and get on with running the fucking country please. Maybe we should give the gay’s all a POLE and tell them to go ….

    • pauleastbay

      It doesnt make my wife and I any better or any worse but we have that piece of paper, so your point is?
      But I do agree , its anothing, get it passed and lets move on to important things. the world was going to end when fran Wildes bill passed all those years ago but nothing seems to have changed, has it?

  • Sponge

    For Christ’s sake no. I have never been so sick of a topic in my life.

    I am not a chutney ferret so it matters not at all to me if they want to get married or not. If they want to share the misery them all the best to them – I can’t understand why everyone gets so worked up about it!

    • Andrei

      If you are sick of it why read and comment posts about it – huh?

      Just let it wash over you and do something else with your time if you don’t care.


      • Sponge

        Because, you intellectual midget, I was asked to comment in the title of the post..

        • Travis Poulson

          Would you jump off a cliff if you were asked to?

          Or are you completely incapable of making up your own mind?

          • Sponge

            When I come to a website that I respect and often visit and am asked a question for a poll (or perhaps to make it simple for you a pole) I will do what is asked.

            If a dolt like you asked me to jump of a cliff I would tell him to get fucked.

          • Sponge

            Sorry Travis – It was unfair of me to call you a dolt – but you know what I mean.

          • Travis Poulson

            No not at all, you’re more than welcome to call me names. Doesn’t worry me 2 shits :) Doesn’t do much for your argument though, although you’re probably smart enough to figure that out on your own.

          • Sponge

            Agreed – its not my blog though so I don’t need to be consistent.

          • Bunswalla

            A simple No vote without any overwrought panty-waist hand-wringing would have worked just as well.

            Much better, in fact.

  • cruiseyman

    If we really wanted to be able to thumb our noses at someone while chanting ‘ha ha i win’ would we not just be better off popping over to the Standard?

  • Mr_V4

    Where is the who cares voting option?