Polls, Poles, who cares, sounds the same

Apparently Van Ginsbergen is now enjoying politics rather than motor racing…but who cares, it’s just a word, sounds the same…I really should stop pointing out all the error’s that Bryce Johns’ “decent journalists, trained and skilled” are making…but then he did email me to try harder.



Then they make Mark Hotchin look a whole lot dirty and shady than he really is…perhaps the Herald on Sunday has defamed him by posting a falser photo…here’s hoping. Bevan Hurley though generally gets his info from vested interests as regular readers well know.



As an aside, I note that the action against Bruce Shephard continues…and intersting conflict since Simon Power appointed him to the board FMA and then the FMA initiated legal action. His comments in the media and elsewhere predate his appointment to the board, did he perhaps take a pre-disposed attitude toward Hanover into the FMA with him, or perhaps his vocal opposition to Hanover related to his the little problems his client was having with Hanover at the time.


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  • Bunswalla

    Cam, this is disingenuous at best. Everybody understands that what the Horrid meant by van Gisbergen “taking a poll position” was that he was expressing a preference for a centre-right coalition in next year’s election.