Pommy bastards get hit by global warming

Helen Yates / via The Telegraph

Helen Yates / via The Telegraph

-13 degrees.  Time to get into some shorts and a cotton tee.  ’cause global warming is certainly here.

More than two inches of snow fell in some parts of the country and temperatures were predicted to fall as low as 9F (-13C) overnight, making it one of the coldest nights of the winter.

Thousands of commuters who experienced travel disruption today were told to expect more of the same tomorrow morning.

Nearly four inches of snow was expected in the worst-hit areas overnight, with up to two inches in the Home Counties. Bookmakers slashed the odds on a white Easter after forecasters warned of more snow showers this week.

Today, the South bore the brunt of the unseasonably cold weather, which has blown in from Scandinavia and Russia.

Today’s coldest daytime temperature of 15.8F (-9.1C) was recorded in the Cairngorms, in the Scottish Highlands. The lowest in England was 29.5F (-1.4C) in Leek, Staffs.

The last time Britain experienced such a cold March day was on March 1 1986, said Laura Caldwell, a forecaster with MeteoGroup. By contrast, this time two years ago the country was basking in temperatures of up to 63F (17C).

Yeah.  That’s when they were telling us “See?  Global Warming, didn’t we tell ya?”.

And now, they go “See?  Climate Change, didn’t we tell ya?”.


Source:  The Telegraph


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  • Rogue Trooper

    That is cold Cam

  • Its called “Winter”. The poms have had it every year since O’maui the leprecaun caught a strange fish of his emerald isle boat!

  • Andy

    Seven Sharp is running some climate change propaganda tonight.

  • cows4me

    More importantly and the $64,000 question, how much will the pricks want to fix it.

    • PlanetOrphan

      Fix it ? , you might as well remove shock absorbers from cars and put them in the road M8!

  • PlanetOrphan

    It’s gonna get colder over the next 2000 years, and that will cause drought as well by the way.
    The Mayans observational skills were obviously much better than any “modern day” scientists.

  • James Hansen and his colleagues are a disgrace, trying to convince gullible people that record cold weather is really global warming is just sick! They should all get real jobs where they don’t have to lie!