Pot. Kettle. Black. from “decent journalist, trained and skilled”

John Drinnan is being his usual sanctimonious self:

Kenrick raised eyebrows in a recent interview on TV3’s Media3 programme when he said he was not stressed by the state of TVNZ news and current affairs. If he is not worried, maybe it is time for him or the TVNZ board to start taking a look, and comparing how the leaderless newsroom is performing, not just in ratings, but in the oversight of news values and its performance in covering news stories such as the Kim Dotcom saga.?

That’s a bit rich considering his editor and one of his “decent journalists, trained and skilled” trotted off down to see Dotcom’s lawyer to cut a deal so they could front run everyone else and then virtually embedded the same journalist in the back pocket of Dotcon.

Then when people start to notice you instigate a personal smear campaign with the same so-called “decent journalist, trained and skilled” to attack anyone who dares call them out for their wall to love-fest of the fat German.

All of which ultimately resulted in an online apology for the disgusting behaviour, not to mention the early Monday morning meetings after the social media campaign fell apart.

Funny thing is I haven’t seen a squeak from Drinnan on that.