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Here’s a father picking up his kid from school.  Great example to set.  There is a car park across the road.  In fact, I was walking the 100m from my car to the school gate to pass this c#nt.

2013-03-18 14.58.09


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  • toby_toby

    I used to live near a private school. The parents would clog up the street, parking on broken yellows and double parking along the parallel parks. Fuckwits, each and every one of them. The conversations usually went along the lines of:
    “I’m only going to be here for two minutes!”
    “I’ve been watching you park illegally for the last ten minutes”
    “Well… but… you don’t have kids so you wouldn’t understand!”

  • In Vino Veritas

    Bah hah hah! I live very near to a College – this sort of thing happens often. One side of our loop road has yellow lines on it and there are always people who park on them. And across driveways. Mostly, the parking miscreants are Asian. Some years back, my neighbour’s elderly mother was visiting and fell ill. Deciding to take her to hospital, they got her into their car in the garage and went to back out. Someone was parked in their drive (waiting to pick up kids). They got out and remonstrated with the driver who duly backed out and went away. By the time the got back into their car, started it, and went to back out, another had parked in their drive!! Unbelievable, but true.
    My wife arrived home just on three one day, and found a dad parked in our driveway, bonnet up, toolkit out, doing work on his car.

  • chopsuey

    I hate parents who drive, blocking up roads making it hard to go to work.

    Tell your little fat shits to take the bus or walk

    • 4077th

      Parents of little girls might argue differently. As a father of 2 young girls I would rather drop them off and pick them up knowing they are safe from the likes of Stuart Murray Wilson and Ruarangi Marino. So just think about that when we are so inconveniently “blocking up” the road for you…My kids are not fat and enjoy plenty of sport

      • chopsuey

        Remember, most rapes happen at home.

        And if they take a bus, I’m pretty sure someone would say something if your kid got touched

        • 4077th

          A risk I am not prepared to take mate. It’s not 1950 anymore there are sick fuckers everywhere I certainly won’t be increasing the odds if I have the opportunity. Call me back when you actually have some children then let’s see how you feel.

          • chopsuey

            Oh the “You don’t have children” arguement, doesn’t matter if I have kids or not the fuckers parking on yellow lines and blocking up major roads aren’t driving for that reason – ever heard of a walking school bus?

          • Hazards001

            My girls are 11 & 8, they both walk to Auckland. They also climb trees, swim in the ocean and walk in the rain.
            They are at as much risk of being hit by lightening, braking their necks or getting eaten by a shark. Guess that makes me and my ex cunts of parents huh?
            On the other hand my kids are growing up fearless and independent…are yours?

            I bet your one of the entitled that queue jumps the traffic too as it’s so important your kids get a ride to school?

          • fozzie2

            Oh please – get a grip … the vast majority of rapes and sexual offending happens either in the home or from people let into the home – what sort of victim message mentality are you embedding into your girls ?

          • Hazards001

            Are you completely fucking illiterate you left wing whinging troll? Where in my post am I giving my kids a victim mentality?

            They WALK to and from school. My ex and I are bringing them up to be independent free thinkers not the namby pamby little pussies the left want our kids to be.

          • fozzie2

            Apologies Hazzy – that post was a reply to Mr 4077th !! Crossfire !!

          • Hazards001

            Happens…I retract my previous statement.

  • peterwn

    Wellington City Council’s parking enforcement contractor got a camera car so it could photograph such cars and issue tickets via post, thus improving safety by deterring such parking. Unfortunately they used the car far too often in other places and got peoples backs up. Council told them to get rid of it which was a pity in a way.

  • Mr_Blobby

    two points

    1. They are still building new schools out our way with inadequate access roads and parking.

    2. Did you not notice the traffic congestion before you brought your house next to a school. This is nothing new.

    Many years ago I went down to the local primary school to pick up my youngest from school. Chaos is all I could say about it. Every spot taken, cars circling around in circles like flies adding to the problem. I went up the hill and idled on a yellow line well out of the way and obstructing nobody and watched the stupidity below. Some busybody came up and said I was parked on a yellow line, and could be ticketed. I replied I was not parked but standing. When that was not good enough and he carried on. I told him I wasn’t going to debate the issue on the side of the road and to give me a ticket or Fuck off. He very quickly moved on and a few days later the ticket turned up.

  • Dave

    Try living on the North Shore, they are not Nissan driving Bogans, they are mums driving new 4WD Mercs!! Just as bad, her excuse as she as being booked, I didn’t want the kids to get wet!!! I was parked over the road legally and walked the kids over the road! (this was over a year ago)

    • Steve (North Shore)

      If you have one of those vehicles, you should show it off, and fuck the rest of NZ on the other side of the bridge :)