Pulling back the rug on unemployment

The Dompost article from Narelle Henson highlights the general despair that many employers face with inadequate applicants for jobs.

Lindsay Mitchell explains why some people can’t get jobs:

Employers occasionally speak out about their difficulty in getting good people. It’s more often a lament heard on talkback radio than read in print but the stories aren’t uncommon. I don’t doubt their veracity and they make me angry, despairing and worried.

These ‘inadequates’ to put it politely will doubtless be passing on their own attitudes and impaired intelligences to their children. I fear that cutting off their benefit incomes won’t motivate them positively. It’ll just turn them into more resentful, more bitter and more desperate characters. 

That is not to say it shouldn’t happen.  A line has to be drawn. Society has to concede that some people have been helped as much as possible. Their education, their health, housing and income needs have all been met by the state to no avail. In fact, to their detriment.

The “next wave of benefit reforms” will begin to pull back the carpet under which we have swept this problem for too long.

The welfare state has demonstrably failed. If paying money to people was the solution then New Zealand would have solved the problem of unemployment and poverty many, many billions of dollars ago.

All welfare has done is create a lost generation of people who are doomed to indigence through the indolence encouraged by welfare.

The parties of the left and to a certain extent even National do not have the answers to solve this problem and as Lindsay Mitchell points out, all we are doing is sweeping the issue under the carpet, and that carpet is getting pretty lumpy and bumpy.

Perhaps Rodney Hide’s idea has merit.


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  • Anonymouse Coward

    Ever since the nobility started gathering around to feast on wild boar they have been complaining about the feckless lazy peasants.

    I happen to be in a position to observe two blokes in the same line of business.

    One runs his operation lean and mean, on rates of pay that would attract only bar flies and drongos. The other hires from the cream of the crop and accepts that he has to pay accordingly.

    One drives around in a mid 90’s Jap import Toyota, the other is away with his partner on a month long holiday in Europe. I will leave you to guess which is which.

    • johnbronkhorst

      Paying more is not the only solution…..paying more for crap doesn’t mean it still isn’t CRAP. Some of these applicants can barely read. So as a generalisation I call Bull shit on your story!

      • Tom


      • Anonymouse Coward

        “Some of these applicants can barely read”

        Some commenters can barely comprehend. Note I said that “hires from the cream of the crop”, good work history, verifiable skills, attracted by good wage levels.

        Sorry your application has gone to the bottom of the pile, poor comprehension skills.

        • Cadwallader

          Wich is it? Are you drenched in jealousy? Are you utterly stupid?

    • Mr_Blobby

      John is right Coward. There are other factors.

      Like a business has to make a profit or close down.
      The market will only bear a certain pricing level, you can’t just keep on hiking up prices like Councils, Governments and Monopolies.

      Asset prices in Auckland are very high, mainly due to Council incompetence and lack of planning.
      So do the sums. What you can sell less your expenses is what you make.
      If your cost of assets/expenses (rent, power, rates,water, commercial insurance,phone, compliance costs etc) is high then you have to cut expenses elsewhere, the easiest is wages.
      So if rents double and wages only go up 50% of rents then you have a problem, people have less to spend and thing spiral downwards.
      You pay people what they are worth to you and your business not on how many kids they have, and how much there rent is. The short answer is a lot are worth less than the minimum wage you would have to pay them, end result they cost more than they are worth.

      • jonno1

        While it’s true that one has to “meet the market” price-wise, there are factors such as productivity, quality and staff turnover to take into account. In my son’s businesses he pays above-market rates but sets very high standards for his staff (by example, I should add). He also takes them on ski-trips and suchlike (an unpaid day but all expenses covered). Interestingly, he prefers to employ inexperienced 18 year olds rather than say 30 year olds as the latter often have poor work habits and an unrealistic view of their value to the business.

        Savvy customers recognise these values and will actually pay a bit more for quality and timeliness. But occasionally someone doesn’t make the grade – he invited one young fellow to leave after a few weeks, and the next day the kid’s mum rang up. Though fearing a bollocking, instead he was thanked by the mum for giving her son a wake-up call and some work experience in the real world! Great relief.

    • blokeintakapuna

      Is his name Mr. Roofus Painter? The video tape producer guy?

    • Mediaan

      So, explain why the clients of the cream-of-crop man are happy to pay more for his firm’s (whatever) than they need to on the market?

      • Anonymouse Coward

        Some people are willing to pay more for tradesmen who will turn up when they say they will, know what they are doing, and then not have to come back and do remedial work.

        Jonno1’s comments in this thread illustrate my point.

  • thor42

    Bloody useless WINZ are as much of a problem as the useless bludgers.

    WINZ are a bunch of softcocks. I would *love* to know how many benefits they cut off each week because the beneficiary is lazy. I reckon it would be barely into double figures. Useless buggers.

    Meanwhile, orchardists have to get in workers from Fiji (and dairy-farmers from the Philippines) because the bludgers are such slackarses and WINZ aren’t doing their job.

    When I was in high-school, I worked on my brothers’ dairy farms many times during the holidays (both of them used to have farms). Ok, it can take some getting used to, getting up at 4 in the morning or thereabouts, but it was **bloody satisfying** too. I used to really enjoy hosing down the yard afterwards too with a bloody powerful hose – good fun!

    I say that ANYONE who can stand upright and has a pulse can help out with milking on a dairy-farm. All they need is a bloody hot poker up their arses to get them going.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Yes WINZ are absolutely useless. But the real problem is Big Government that want to control everything.

    • StupidDisqus

      Who gives a “shit” if it’s satisfying or not. Frankly I’d prefer not.
      So long as bludgers can eat without working, that’s what they’d do.

      Stop welfare- and you’d find a whole lot of Kiwis who’d work on farms for nothing more than food & lodging.

  • Mishi

    Laziness is intergenerational. What the kids see is what they do as adults. My partner and I work really hard at our businesses. We have been taken to the cleaners more than once and now caught up with Mainzeals demise. What are my partner and I doing – working harder. Nothing is going into our bank account as yet, however it will soon. Why say all this? Money isn’t the only motivator, pride in oneself, the work you do, the sense that achievement is around the corner or just down the road when all of the hard work comes to fruition. Welfare kids just don’t see this kind of stuff enough. They have nothing to promote in themselves or to prospective employers and they know nothing of their own potential because they have never pushed themselves to find out what that means.

    • Cadwallader

      Well said. Well earned. Well deserved. Good stuff!!

      The comments at Lindsay’s say it all too.

  • Keer

    A rental car company out near the Auckland airport has very simple employment criteria: someone with a clean driving licence who can turn up every day. WINZ South Auckland cannot supply anyone. The only responses to ads are from (generally) Indian immigrants who take the bus from Auckland to get the job…and they do!

  • The link between welfare, dope and unemployment can best be seen when companies pass over so meny job-seekers because of compliance issues (OSH). The grow-your-own electric puha afficionadoes wont get any proper job because of the chance of their vice causing accidents, so they remain unemployed. Cigarette smokers are treated by the media, propaganda merchants (trough-dwellers) and the government as lepers, yet there is stuff-all word from the media, propaganda merchants and government about wacky-weed and the innability for those on it to get a job!
    Most tobacco smokers (roll-your-own and cigarette) contribute a lot of physical and intellectual effort and excise tax to NZ’s future. Something severely wrong with this picture!!!
    Maybe the dope-heads need to get their shit together instead of bludging off welfare!!!