Queen Hekia’s Staffing Issues as Predicted by the Whale

Hekia Parata has been a terrible minister of education. She was promoted way beyond her ability and has screwed up just about everything she has touched.

The latest story is Hekia has an ex staff member suing Ministerial Services in a personal grievance case.

A former staff member in the office of Education Minister Hekia Parata is pursuing a personal grievance against ministerial services.
Ministerial Services confirmed a staff member who worked in Ms Parata’s office had lodged a personal grievance against ministerial services, which is part of the Department of Internal Affairs.

Apparently this may not be the only one.

Radio New Zealand reported a senior private secretary left the minister’s office in December last year at the same time Ms Longstone departed and three other private secretaries had also left the office. It was unclear on what grounds these staff left her office.?

In November 2010 this blog highlighted the problems with Queen Hekia, and the questions the media should have been asking.

Fairfax and APN editors should start asking a few questions of their political journalists. They have really dropped the ball on this one. They should ask the following questions:

  • After losing five parliamentary Executive Assistants in the first two years in parliament, do they think Hekia will front the next CTU anti 90 day advertisement?
  • Are they aware that if you lose four EAs in around a year Parliamentary Services remove your right to recruit your own office staff?
  • Do they know why the Maori Affairs select committee had a change of personnel? And was it because Hekia was publicly yelling at Tau Henare, who was actually in the same party as her, for those press gallery reporters who were in some doubt?
  • Have they scrutinised her employment record in her career before she entered parliament?
  • Are they confident she would be able to run a ministerial office, and work with departmental chief executives and staff, or would they need a special golden handshake fund for her department?

Then again in June 2012:

Word is that it is not because of her failure to do what Anne Tolley managed for three years, and not make any silly mistakes in the education portfolio. As highlighted when the beltway sycophants were crowning the new Queen, Hekia and staff have an unfortunate habit of parting company.

Being a token Maori or a loyal member of Bill English?s faction should not result in keeping a job you have repeatedly proven yourself to be unfit for.