Revealing the hidden agenda of union scum

I wrote yesterday about the scum NZEI using Novopay to push their own anti-government and pro-left agenda.

Not to mention the disgusting use of kids on anti-government protests, using Novopay as a convenient beard.

Well, it continued last night on TV One.

A normal, upstanding principal was wheeled out (at 1″17) and he dutifully attacked the Government. 

But wait. I remember him. Malcolm Milner was the poster boy for the NZEI’s anti-national standards, and anti-government campaign before the election, appearing in adverts on TV and in newspapers. (A campaign which failed due to the rat-cunning of Tolley)

And let’s not forget Milner’s school, and its Labour connections.

Enough is enough. Journos need to be made aware they are being taken for a ride.

The far-left NZEI is trying to normalise itself by getting its key people out there dressed up as ‘concerned’ principals.

Well, we know they are not normal. We will keep shining a light on their actions.

This union will not win.


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  • paddles83

    W O you mean churnos not Journos

  • kohibruce

    WO, keep up the good work. Connecting the dots and exposing the propaganda machinery.

  • Macca

    This suits the journos just fine as most of them are a bunch of snivelling socialists supporting their own cause.
    Bereft of any meaningful policy ideas, what more could we expect from the left than this type of pathetic behavior?

  • Patrick

    The commies have infiltrated the education system, the media, the welfare system, the health system, the immigration system. We are all doomed – some of us had high hopes that Key would root out this shite but he has failed miserably. If anything he has turned a blind eye & allowed the commies to prosper.