Saturday General Debate

me6rHjKWelcome to another Saturday General Debate.

Well, what a BIG week this was.

Some of the more interesting stories included, the Pope quitting but not quitting, the MSM jumping the gun on the Maori water rights Supreme Court decision, Brian Rudman admitting there is a MSM orchestrated attempt to work against the governmentCharles Chauvel’s whiny and bitchy valedictory speech during which he had a swipe at this blog (oh the horror), news that the Marriage Equality bill passed the Select Committee stage, the shark attack, of course, Russel Norman being happy about Solid Energy’s troubles (hehehe), the weird Cannibal Cop story from New York, the PPTA thinking of suing for distress over Novopay, Ricki Herbert’s forced exit from the Phoenix thanks to Gareth Morgan, Helen Clark’s Reddit AMA appearance, the Oscar Pistorius circus, Len Brown getting really lucky with zoning of his own property, and the usual Herald stuff-ups, Green Taliban inanities (Funeral for a tree?), bad teachers, worse clergy and National on 51.4 percent in the 3 News-Reid Research poll.

What. A. Week.

But now it’s your time to shine.  The General Debate is open for business.


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  • this is what the youth get up to in England when they have a night out….they look quite proud of themselves.

    Are WE at this stage yet? People say we are ten years behind the UK.

    • cows4me

      I doubt if the western world should worry about invasion from the Muslim hordes, looks like we are on self destruct mode now, only a matter of time.

    • Bruce S

      Nigel; you clearly don’t get out enough; try Queens St any time after 11:00 PM.

  • cruiseyman

    Ok can someone pls help me out here. Many years ago when I studied Media Studies at high school (pause for laughter) I was taught that the purpose of a newpaper article was to report FACT. This however seems to have gone by the way side in our wee country. The reporting by fairfax is as reliable as getting your daily news from a People mag BUT there is a scary amount of people who accept what they read on Stuffed or in the papers as fact. With so many people being knowingly misinformed by these ‘reporters’ it’s like a brainwashing campaign aimed at this country’s most ignorant and vunerable. Is anyone else concerned about this because I sure as hell am. And is this legal?

    • cruiseyman

      Oh and I forgot to mention the sensationalism eg headlining caption from today’s Stuffed- Angry Cantabrians are threatening to blow up earthquake repair hubs and shoot staff.

    • Gazzaw

      Even more worrying is that TV One and TV3 apply exactly the same methodology to their ‘news’ production. I would venture to suggest that their audience is even more susceptible to the trash presented as news than the readers of newspapers. At least those people have the ability to read.

    • It’s always been slanted. Media takes editorial positions. Of course, it has become more overt, to the point of sensationalism. Whatever it takes to get the eye balls. I stopped watching TV years ago, because I couldn’t stomach it any longer. (Apart from the Truth, recently, for obvious reasons), I haven’t paid for a newspaper for over a decade. I get my news from the radio while I’m in the car, or whatever bleeds through the few blogs I follow. Blogs, of course, are even more slanted and sensational, but at least they don’t try to pretend they are at some lofty position that a lot of the MSM still try to portray themselves at. There used to be a time when the news would say “Man died from shark attack at West Auckland Beach”. These days, it’s multiple outlets all running the same story, so the headline needs to grab your attention. This blog did the story with “Shark 1 – Beachgoer 0. Shark 0 – Police 1”. In a race to get people’s attention, the stories are sensationalised, slanted and coloured by editorial stance. That goes for just about all media. What you were taught at media studies about media, is about the same, I suspect, as law students get told about the ethics and law. Theory and reality are very much different.

      • cruiseyman

        Appreciate your points Petal. At least tho with blogs, readers are generally allowed to comment freely so it can allow for a few more points of view to leak through. Unfortunately the severe filtering of comments over on Stuffed allows the stories to become even more slanted.

  • peterwn

    I just about cannot believe the present policical situation. Nearly a year ago John Key and co were on the hop having to deal with ACC, Mr Dotcom, the Auckland Convention Centre, etc. Seems the public has got tired of all this despite Labour’s, The Standard’s and Brian Rudman’s efforts to try and keep this burning. The focus now seems to be turned on Labour and its supporters trying to create crises where there are none. Perhaps people are starting to wonder what a Labour/Green/Hone/NZ First government actually could or would do.

    • Troy

      It’s scary what Shearer and the toxic Greens could potentially do. Closer to the election I suspect the Nats will become the real opposition, to the opposition ie get to the heart of the red/green policy flaws, expose and obliterate it.

    • Labour in the throes of a slow burn collpase

      • peterwn

        If National should be helping C&R in Auckland, then perhaps Len Brown and City Vision should be helping Labour get its act together.

        • Perhaps they should, Conor Roberts would be my pick