Saturday Nightcap

via Vice

California based pro-surfer Alek Parker travels the globe in search of the kind of monster waves caused by hurricanes. This time he visits Japan to catch the big waves that happen only once a year during the typhoon season. So what did Alek make of Japan and the people he met on his journey?


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  • Mediaan

    Quote from fisherman in clip:
    “… The Kuroshio current keeps the polluted water from Fukushima from coming here… (But the price of fish dropped because of radiation fears…)”

    Just where is the polluted water from Fukushima going, in detail, in the Pacific Ocean? Here we are, in the Pacific Ocean, very exposed to the ocean conditions. I have seen populist gossipy accounts of it, and I have seen too-technical maps with complex lines on them.

    You would think our media might have dealt with this better.

    Anyone watching the present power outage at Fukushima, the power that keeps the water supplied and cooled in two of the used nuclear-contaminated fuel rod storage ponds?

    One pond contains over a thousand used fuel rods. The water, without electrical systems to maintain its function, is diminishing and slowly heating up.