Scott Yorke on polls

Scott Yorke at Imperator Fish has some advice for those who are struggling to believe the constant run of rogue polls, especially Labour types like Meg.

Here are his ten reasons for Labour not to worry about polls:

  1. That’s not what I’m hearing when I’m out and about talking to ordinary people.
  2. Something or other about how fixed phonelines skew the results.
  3. While the last few polls have show a downward trend, the long-term trend is positive. If you ignore all the data since about 2007, which has basically just been noise, you can see that Labour is doing okay. 
  4. Pollsters are fraudsters anyway. They are all in the pockets of big business, and they hate the left.
  5. I always follow my gut instincts. These polls don’t feel right.
  6. There’s something wrong with their polling methodology. I haven’t uncovered it yet, but I will!
  7. There’s only one poll that matters.
  8. Well the public are stupid, but they’ll wake up soon, once they see how evil John Key and his government are.
  9. David Shearer’s popularity as preferred PM has risen slightly! A great result!
  10. What polls? Not listening!

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  • PlanetOrphan

    Great polllng data there Scott, I have heard every one of those my entire life M8! …

    11. They’re all freakin witches M8! , Get out of my Head spit spit spit

    • Cadwallader

      13. I no longer care as I have a new job at the UN!

  • Positan

    What’s the problem? Labour has never ever been plugged in to anything other than its own “reality.” Its adherents not only believe that their Party is NZ’s “government in waiting” – but also that its parliamentary dorks are actually capable of fulfilling such office. What more can you say?

  • In Vino Veritas

    The problem for Labour is that most NZ’rs understand we are experiencing the worst economic conditions of a generation. Whilst 7% are unemployed, 93% are employed. Over 60% of house owners occupy their own house, why would they want Labour to destroy their equity with tinkering in the property market? People remember being gouged for taxes by Labour when they refused to increase the top tax rate threshold for 10 years. People understand “median income” when Labour spout about child poverty. Using that measure, there will always be child poverty. Joe average understands that NZ’rs have never been as wealthy as they are today. NZ’rs understand that Labour have been captured by the Union movement, which has lost most of its relevance over the past 20 years, and is trying to reassert itself by having its leaders become polititcians with more influence.

  • StupidDiscus

    The most important thing to say about these “Rogue” polls: that whatever the minor details any government that is not lead by National will be widely seen as illigitimate

    Doesn’t matter if National has 45% or 52% – they are by far the largest party: they should lead the government. If they don’t better there is another election than a coalition of the losers.

    • axeman

      “2.Something or other about how fixed phonelines skew the results.”

      Folks, the Polls are brainfarts, we are never told if the Polls use phone lines or mobile, we don’t know when people were called, how many callbacks and most importantly what the weighting of the polls are. The danger with Polls is if they are repeated enough they become self fulfilling, we shouldn’t let David Farrar dictate the
      political subconscious of NZ.

      Marvyn ‘Bumber’ Badbury
      Real Estate Extraodinaire

  • Agent BallSack

    What do you expect when the party sticks to the same failed strategies and back the same failed union losers that people didn’t want before. Definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result. Their policies no longer are about working Kiwis and unfortunately for Labour – that’s 90% of the population.

    • Kacanga

      Unfortunately it worked for Obama.

  • Agent BallSack

    Scott’s not pulling any punches here – seems he has decided to smack some stupid people with the truth stick and see what falls out. If I was him I wouldn’t show my face around the Double Standard for a while, at least until Sheeps next speech.

  • tarkwin

    At night he probably runs around his house screaming “The South will rise again”.

  • Dave

    I think Scott might have listened to Meg/Kosh/Teacherscock and simply ranked and repeated his ramblings.