Scum List MP pretending to have an electorate, Neigh you’re not

I don’t much like most scum List MPs. They don’t even like themselves always trying to win a seat.

Nothing make me madder with scum List MPs though than when they pretend they represent a local area…like Jacinda Ardern


List MP pretending to represent an electorate

For the record the Auckland Central MP is Nikki Kaye and her majority was a not inconsequential 717 over Jacinda Ardern. Before that she beat Judith Tizard.

If only local media or indeed any media could please get basic information like correct.


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  • Troy

    The young filly operates along the lines that if she gets her name in the paper enough, she will get more votes. Problem is, this bitch ain’t liked by most because she tries to emulate H1, the Queen Bitch of the Liabor party. Biggest difference is H1 was able to win and hold an electorate for quite some time. Ardern continues to fail miserably during question time in the chamber and viewing recent clips, is a cause of embarassment. Still, the loonie left seem to like her, her comrades and the socialist engineering agenda of bludgology that they consistently seem to vomit upon the public of NZ.

  • It’s been something she has consistently tried to get into the public mindset. It’s an obvious strategy, but it can only work with the cooperation of the media who have to repeat the mantra. A media sympathetic to Labour causes, or to her personally, would gladly repeat it mind you.

  • williamabong

    I watched with interest at the reaction to Kevin Hauge, they came from both corners, the zealots and the pro gay lobby.
    Who actually cares, if the poofs want to get married, let them, everyone should have a mother in law, the world won’t stop, then get on with the business of running the country, why do list MPs seem to be the ones distracting the country from the real issues, they seem to the ones that become more focused on self-interest projects than the job at hand.
    Two points to ponder, list MPs are scum, no one voted for them, they represent no one, yet many seem to set up electorate offices, then want to comment in an electorate as though they were voted in.
    Kevin seems like not a bad bloke, but we need to remember whose coat tails he is in parliament hanging off, the Greens are hell bent on economic sabotage, and should they ever make it to the treasury benches the country won’t be wort living in.
    The best thing Kevin could do would be to lead a revolt against Norman and the mad bitch that sits beside him, remove the fundy troublemakers and present yourselves as a viable alternative, especially as Labour seems to be trying to implode at warp speed.

    • Errrr, the General Debate post is at 9am. This one isn’t about Kevin Hague, or his Open Mic post yesterday.

      • williamabong

        Will repost at 9

    • Honcho

      A nice bloke … who would like nothing more then to see our once proud navy reduced to a flotilla of rigid inflatables. Corrected you.

  • peterwn

    Seems another problem with “decent journalists, trained and skilled” who surely should recognise the difference between an electorate and a list MP.

  • pauleastbay

    Unfortunately National listers are doing similar. Drove past an office in Auckland recently (can’t remember whose or where) with the sign ……list MP from the (Mt Albert) area… or similar. List MP’s shouldnt even be allowed offices as they represent no one

  • J.M

    She ain’t gonna beat Nikki Kaye, ever.
    Zip it horsey.

  • Agent BallSack

    List MPs are like the transvestites of the political world…not quite an MP yet not a member of the public. They need somewhere to sniff their own farts and convince themselves its lavender scented oxygen.

    • Liberty

      Then there is Miss Street. Lives in Nelson one of the most expensive
      cities to travel to. from Wellington. Then advertises she is just a List MP.

      • peterwn

        On balance it would be inappropriate for list MP’s to be expected to transfer to Wellington to live – this would make Parliament excessively Wellington-centric. Secondly, parties want to have a presence in electorates they do not hold and this a useful function of list MP’s

  • cows4me

    Wouldn’t socialsit Cindy be happier standing in the Ellerslie electorate, plenty of family suopport.

  • GregM

    It’s bloody fraud. I’m in Auckland central, Nicky Kaye won the election fair and square, not Jacinda, who represents no one but herself.
    List MP’s represent their party, not any electorate.

    • williamabong

      And as such need to live and stay in Wellington, they represent nobody.

  • I see she it’s in today’s Herald talking about the “most vulnerable”people in our community. Previously she spoke about the “most vulnerable” children. It seems she has a new catch phrase. Personally I dislike MPs who use those sorts of terms all the time to gain an emotional response.

  • ConwayCaptain

    The problem is that these List MPs do not have to be veted and then chosen by the electorate. They are just apparatchiks foiseted on us by the party machine.
    I voted for STV and at least there the person in the electorate is the most popular.