Serial Rooter Brendan Horan calls for Gay Marriage Referendum

via Stuff

via Stuff

It seems to be the in-thing to call for Inquiries, Official Inquiries and Referendums.

Horan, who voted against Gay Marriage, now has submitted a supplementary order paper calling for a referendum on the issue :  

Independent MP Brendan Horan is attempting to one-up his former party, NZ First, with a call for a referendum on gay marriage.

NZ First is voting against marriage equality legislation, saying it should instead go to a public referendum.

Mr Horan, who was expelled from NZ First after the first vote on the bill, hasn’t changed his stance on the legislation.

In fact, he’s beaten them to submit a supplementary order paper calling for a referendum on the issue.

His amendment would require parliament to hold a referendum within six months of the bill’s passage, asking the public whether the law should be brought into effect.

Mr Horan’s amendment says the legislation should then either come into effect, or be repealed, 12 months after the outcome of the referendum is declared.

He’s narrowly beaten his former party, New Zealand First, to the punch

NZ First has since submitted its own amendment, which is very similar to Mr Horan’s – although it specifies that the referendum would be held alongside next year’s election.

Well, if anyone knows to get your tickets early to be in the win, it would be Horan.

A referendum would be a complete waste of time an taxpayer’s money.  This issue isn’t marginal enough for the referendum to be any use.

Public polling and even informal surveys through newspapers and web sites have made it very clear that the majority of New Zealand voters will not repeal the now inevitable passing of the Marriage Equality bill.


Source:  3 News


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  • cows4me

    Since when have NZ voters ever been given a chance to repeal anything.

    • I would have, but I was to busy hitting my children to care

  • James M

    I wish i could see though his skin into his skull and see how the working of a dumb fuck opperate. I say this purely out of scientific curiousity

    • Troy

      I don’t think you want to go there… it could truly fuck you up!! lol

  • JeffDaRef

    so can he get taxpayer funding to pay people to collect signatures to force a referendum on this?
    i think there’d be enough signatures to at least initiate a referendum, maybe not to get a majority against gay marriage though – and i think he’d manage to get his 10% far faster than the anti-asset sales referendum has.
    cant you just imagine the howls of the (pro gay marriage) Labour/Greens if that were allowed???
    i wouldnt be surprised if they hired even more people to deliberately sabotage it.
    incidentally i am “on the supportive side of indifferent” re gay marriage – but i feel far more passionately about exposing the left for the hypocritical bunch of f-wits they are…

    • BR

      The promotion of homosexuality and buggery as a healthy lifestyle choice is part of leftist agenda. Leaving aside all the other negative connotations that are the result of such perverse behaviour, the mere fact that it is the left who are vehemently promoting it is reason enough for all conservative minded people to stand against it.


      • Ronnie Chow

        The Business Of Smut: What Is It Worth?

        Adult Video $500 million to $1.8 billion

        Internet $1 billion

        Pay-Per-View $128 million

        Magazines $1 billion

        Total $2.6 billion to $3.9 billion

  • BJ

    Of the referendums that have been called for this year – this is the only one that I would support. It is too important to NZ for this decision to be ‘called’ wrong.

  • CoNZervative

    No, if Horan’s amendment is voted for (unlikely) then the parliament would have basically already decided to run one. Don’t need 300,000 sigs, that a citizens’-initiated ref. A referendum on this issue could be an amendment to the current fwd course of this bill.

  • This is not an issue that should be voted on at all….because human rights are not dependent on winning on a vote. They stand above it. Why not a vote on Women having equal standing with men…or Blacks with Whites…?

    Think about it….

    • You’re making too much sense. This is no place for you. Off with you!

    • Gayguy

      The haters do not see gay rights as human rights. There’s ya problem right there.

  • J.M

    We don’t need a referendum, just don’t pass the legislation in the first place

  • Morrissey

    “Serial rooter”? Can we have more details, please?

    • Back issues of Truth will enlighten

  • P1LL

    Why cant we say, fuck it , why cant two people who want equal rights in a loving relationship have them ? be it heterosexuals / transsexuals gay or what ever ?

    I love pussy but why should I give a fuck if someone has been born with a sexual preference different to me . I don’t think that they should be discriminated against . Why should us heterosexuals have more of a legal status in a relationship ?

    • Eloquently put :)

    • Gayguy

      Again, you make the mistake assuming the haters are decent humans who want everyone to have equal rights.

      • P1LL

        “assuming” No , Hoping yes .
        Live and let live is my motto , I may not understand why you don’t like the fantastic look and taste of pussy , but why should I care ?
        If you were born to love men then why should I care ?
        Love is Love . Keep standing up to these retards that cannot see a life that is not the norm for them.
        + us hetro men love watching lesbian porn , double standards much ? umm nomm nomm

        • Gayguy

          And you are totally right. However the haters will not see that, and they will try and force their out dated, discriminatory beliefs on everyone claiming it is what the majority want.

  • Troy

    Horan, another parasitical leech on the public purse has no mandate to demand anything. It’s another case of a list MP, representing no-one but himself (and not any other citizen) to use the political system to have 1 say. MMP in it’s glory again – but whose to blame for that? Figure it out.

  • joan

    Horan is gambling again…… would appear it was really nz firsts stance, and he decided to pinch it and use it to get himself noticed. Horan is good @ pinching ideas, look @ his claims over the maori canoe racing @ karapiro. He had to apologise on twitter….