Shane Jones cleared? Not likely, that’s Labour’s spin

Labour has spent countless hours attacking National for commenting on an Auditor-General’s report ahead of release then do the same thing? This is the second time they have spun that Shane Jones is cleared:

List MP Shane Jones is expected to return to Labour’s front bench tomorrow, after the release of an auditor-general’s report into the Bill Liu immigration saga.

Labour leader David Shearer has held open the seventh slot in his line-up and the regional development, forestry and associate finance roles for Jones pending the outcome of the review.

Insiders familiar with an earlier draft of Auditor-General Lyn Provost’s report said it cleared Jones of any unlawful behaviour in approving citizenship for Bill Liu, also known as Yong Ming Yan and William Yan. 

[The report is due for release at 2pm today]

Last month Shearer said that he had not read the draft report but understood it was “pointing in the right direction”.

“From what I understand there is no criminality or anything involved, which we always expected,” Mr Shearer said.
But sources have also warned Mr Jones may not escape criticism in the report, saying the arguments were ‘‘complex’’.

Another source familiar with the report said it is was expected to find fault with immigration officials and the process followed.

And they blamed John Key for process issues over SkyCity – like the ones they’re apparently prepared to forgive Shane Jones for?

Hypocrites as always.

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  • Do as we say, not as we do; Labour’s daily mantra…

    • Phar Lap

      Quite right .A good example is the bullying rhetoric of thick as pig shit Clayton Cosgrove on his bullying knee capping attacks on Don Elder a Lie-bour Government appointee to Solid Energy.Yet Cosgrove was completely useless in his electorate ,and got dumped in 2011.The electors were not happy with the way he blatantly used a taxpayer funded credit card.He as a retread MP is now holding court on Elder.How can such a fat overblown pest as Cosgrove get away with it.Oh i forgot he is a Lie-bour politician.Seems his actions confirm your words.

      • Patrick

        If the media had a spine they would ask him about the contradiction of him attacking Elder when it has been proven that Cosgrove rorted the taxpayer via the credit card…….but hey won’t.

  • Solidarity

    “Cleared” and “below the threshold to prove him of wrong-doing” is NOT the same as being found to be completely innocent and without fault.

    Can’t wait for Labours spin and hypocrisy double standard spin to come out once this report is released.

    What’s the bet Shearer chokes trying to deliver Jones’s “innocent” return to Parliament speech, because he knows he will be compromising his ethics and morals for political capital… And he will have his conscience to wrestle with at 2 and 3am…

    Don’t do it Shearer. The stench of political corruption taints all those down wind and it lingers for years. Clear your air and get rid of the stench… Because 2014 ain’t that far away… And we have long memories… And WO to help remind you of all the unethical, “unusual, favours for the boys” once $15k donations have been received.

    The guys as legit as a $3 coin that could buy you 2x gold Rolex watches in China.

    • Quite so Solidarity. This stench has been hanging around since before the 2008 election, and it won’t dissipate any time soon, even if the A-G has decided that Jones did nothing unlawful.

      Oddly though, I feel sorry for Shane Jones. He was the patsy for those higher up in Labour’s food chain who were prepared to sell New Zealand citizenship for political donations. Jones was simply the fall guy, and was, surprisingly for a supposedly smart cookie, unable to recognise that he was being used.

      • I agree, Jones probably didn’t do anything untoward except obey orders. The main protagonists have long bolted…only Cunners and Jones remain and Cunners was altogether much cleverer than Jones in covering his arse.

        • Patrick

          He may have been following orders but he knew it was wrong & still went ahead. He is a Havard educated, supposedly intelligent man (despite his track record). He knew, if he was half as smart as he likes to portray himself as he would have a fat file implicating those further up the tree that apparently (as per your suggestion) issued the orders. The immigration process has been rorted, money changed hands, Labour Party members of Government (& probably the Party itself) profited from this dirty deal & now no one will be held to account. It stinks to the high heavens.

    • 4077th

      Perhaps Mr Jones and Mr Bain could exchange stories about being proven not guilty as apposed to innocent?

  • cows4me

    “The arguments are complex”, yes of course they are ( sarcasm) . Complex legal arguments are like arguing over the depth of the shit pond, if you jump in you’re not going to come out clean.

    • unsol

      “are like arguing over the depth of the shit pond, if you jump in you’re not going to come out clean”

      Pearls of wisdom right there people…brilliant one liner jersey boy!

  • Patrick

    What is there to debate? A dodgy foreigner ended up with a Kiwi passport against the recommendation of the bureacracy employed to defend NZ’s integrity. It has been proven that money changed hands between the foreigner & those tasked with making the decision (Jones, Dover Samuels & his mates up North). Turn it round & look at it any way you like – it stinks, it was corrupt & those involved should be held to account. Not rewarded with furthering their political careers.

  • Time For Accountability

    I await the radio live Duncan Garner report at 2:01pm today.

    2:00:30 Duncan reports with glee – Jones cleared – It was all nationals fault.

    2:01.00 Plays brief excerpt from Jones favorite hotel movie selection. “Asian Booty Bonanza Volume 1”

    2:01.30 Duncan’s voice changes and announces “Correction” Jones not cleared, just no criminality.

    Moves to next issue quickly.

    • Bunswalla

      Followed by tweet from NBR?

  • JonathanP

    So you will condemn Shane Jones for his actions but not John Key over his actions with Sky City. Hypocrites you say?

    • Bunswalla

      Correct. We’ll rightly applaud Prime Minister Key for his astute negotiations in getting us a brand new convention centre without any cost to the tax-payer. I realise this doesn’t affect you, since it’s almost certain that any money you get has come from the tax-payer first in any case, but for the rest of us contributing citizens it’s a great deal.

      • JonathanP

        Assumptions are the mother of all fuck ups. Clearly you assume quite a lot seeing as you have no idea where my income comes from, none of which you will be pleased to know comes from the government.

    • rightoverlabour

      The mother of all fuck ups is your assumption that the two issues are comparable. No further debate needed or entertained on this.

  • bobby

    Illegal activities or not this was a rort to get a mate of Labour’s into NZ. There is no other way to explain the hasty citizenship ceremony or path of donations.

    People like Lui need to be outski-ed on the next plane, no questions asked. NZ is a soft touch for people with dubious backgrounds trying to relocate to new feeding grounds.