Shearer’s position on Winston’s position on asset sales

Further to my earlier post here’s an edit from ‘The Farming Show’, where David Shearer appropriately sits on the fence when it comes to Winston’s demand to buy back state assets, because it will be invested in things like  schools, hospitals and irrigation.

He’s neither for it nor against it… again, although he appears to have firmed  up on his earlier “We won’t rule it out but we won’t rule it in either.”

Now, apparently, it’s unlikely.

Great to have that cleared up.

Labour really are enunciating their positions properly at last.


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  • BJ

    Shearer is now on record saying when the proceeds of shares sold in power companies is put into schools, hospitals and irrigation schemes they (Labour) will not be in a position (read afford) to buy those shares back – which just shows he is fully aware that the present government cannot afford to build schools and hospitals without the proceeds from the shares. Its a Slam Dunk for National

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  • Pete George

    If National don’t sell shares now they have to borrow more. If theY sell and Labour buy them back they have to borrow a similar amount that they expect National to borrow now.

    Shearer is either hedging, fooling or foolish.

    A transcript here – Shearer less uncertain on buy back of assets