Sledge of the Day

Judith Collins isn’t taking any nonsense from carping lefties. She gives Annette Skyes a good slap in her interview on red radio this morning. She said that Annette Sykes was “a stupid person” and?she?”doesn’t take any notice of anything she says”. (at 2.25)

I am struggling to understand the point the lefty whingers are trying to make…do they consider these types of roles should be?exclusively?handed out to them?

There is nothing that requires the Race Relations Commissioner to be brown, blue, yellow or pink, or a requirement that they subscribe to any particular point of view.?

I think this change is refreshing, and Judith Collins once again shows how to be a minister instead of a cardboard cut out like so many ministers before her, beholden to no one but herself instead of various single issue ranters.

They go on about qualifications for the job. Let’s look at that shall we?

  • Joris de Bres’ life achievements don’t even warrant a Wiki page
  • Gregory Fortuin appears to only have been qualified by being mates with Nelson Mandela and having a suntan. Not sure being praised by Jim Bolger and Ken Douglas is a qualification in any way.
  • Rajen Prasad was an academic, his list of life’s achievements are written on the back of a postage stamp.
  • John Clarke has lead such a remarkable life that he is remembered on Wikipedia as John Clarke(Maori)
  • Chris Laidlaw was previously an All Black, a trougher in Foreign Affairs and a prolific user of taxi chits. Like Prasad he used his office to gain parliament for Labour.
  • Wally Hirsch was another Labour flunky qualified it seems by being Jewish, but again has led an unremarkable life, he too doesn’t exist in Wikipedia.
  • Hiwi Tauroa was Maori and an Maori All Black…a background in rugby seems to be the preferred former occupation to qualify you for Race Relations. Again nothing in Wikipedia. Hiwi was in fact a bloody nice bloke, and watching him come through the middle in the Eden selection was a real pleasure.
  • Harry Dansey was?a prominent?New Zealand?M?ori?journalist,?cartoonist,?writer,?broadcaster, local-body politician. Seems he got the job because he was Maori.
  • Sir Guy Powles was the first Race Relations?Conciliator?and was a career civil servant.

All in all a mixed bag. Seems Susan Devoy is ably qualified to hold the position.