Sleeping Rough?

The Standard posted this photo of Green taliban MP Gareth Hughes apparently sleeping rough to highlight homelessness.

Hmmm…oil column heater, several couches, walls and door of a HOME, abundant duvets, sleeping bags etc….I call bullshit.



Apparently this is a better role model than this: 



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  • Rodger T

    Is Judith demonstrating how to deal with homeless Green Talibunnies?

    She`s got my vote : )

  • Lofty

    This little misguided idealist will grow up eventually, one hopes.

    • Rodger T

      I doubt it ,it`s a nice little earner for him and he`ll milk it for the rest of his life.

  • Phar Lap

    Easy on $200K a year.Unelected politician bludger,from joke green party.

    • Troy

      It’s what the country gets when stupid people vote party Green. We wouldn’t have goats in parliament like him otherwise – they haven’t a hope in hell of winning an electorate seat.

  • Patrick

    What a retard, wet behind the ears twat. Cannot believe the taxpayer forks over hard earned cash to this bludger – what to we get in return?

    • Gazzaw

      He is sleeping rough in comparison to the 5star hotel accommodation that he is used to when on taxpayer funded junkets.

      • Quite so Gazzaw; not to mention all those visits to the Koru Club, all those taxi rides to and from airports and all those other perks he enjoys as he traverses the length and breadth of Aotearoa spinning his Green propaganda on your coin and mine.

        You do have to worry about the size of his carbon footprint though, not that I think it concerns young Gareth one iota.

      • Hazards001

        I’m still trying to work out how the little c*nt got into my lounge, seeing as that’s all I can afford after pricks like him have taxed me to death.

  • starboard

    ugly little rat faced cunt..

    • maninblack

      your right- he is a cunt scum list MP. No one actually voted this rat fuck into parliment.

      • minarchist_kiwi

        He lost his deposit back in 2011 when anyone had the opportunity to actually vote for him personally; it takes a very very VERY “special” candidate to lose their deposit when the opponents are Charles Chauvel and Peter Dunne haha!

  • steve and monique

    Cardboard box under a bridge,then it might resemble being homeless.What I call that is a nice night in.

  • I’d sleep in my sleeping bag all the time if I could get away with it. Very comfy.

  • Ronnie Chow

    But did the pope wash his feet ?

  • Jimmie

    I call this as crap and a useless photo op. The weather over the last few months has been so warm and balmy that you barely need a sheet over you at night.

    Who the heck then is going to sleep on a couch in a beanie, scarf and sleeping bag? (not to mention the heaters in the background)

    Not to mention that this isn’t an example of homelessness more an example of bedlessness.

    I have 10 cents that says that flakey Hughes tootled off to his own bed 1 minute after these photos were taken – what a tool.

    I would have been more impressed if he was wrapped up in a cardboard box underneath a bridge wearing nothing but shorts and singlet in the middle of Winter.

  • Grizz30

    Bag of glue and a bottle of methylated spirits and he might just start to look the part.

  • minarchist_kiwi

    This shows the differences in philosophies and attitudes between left and right; the right says ” There is homelessness so let’s get a booming economy so there is full employment and everyone can afford to live in a house” whereas the left say “there is homelessness so let’s abolish living in houses so everyone can be homeless”. This reminds me of old biblical thing about teaching someone to fish rather than just giving them fish.

  • Travis Poulson

    Crickey, sleeping on the couch used to be standard procedure in my bachelor days. Sure as hell didn’t class it as “sleeping rough”. Good thing he hasn’t been issued a man card.

    • Bunswalla

      Only because beds hadn’t been invented then?

      Happy Easter, Trav ;-)

      • Travis Poulson

        Don’t choke when you swalla your hot cross Bun ;)

        • Bunswalla

          Not bad!

    • GregM

      Sleeping on the couch used to be standard procedure in my married days.

      • Rodger T

        I feel your pain ,Bro.

  • Honcho

    A lot less rough then the average batchelor after a hard night on the piss at a mates place.

    Rough would be a cardboard box and a stinking flea ridden blanket in an alcove around cuba mall drunk on meths. This is no different to goofys photo op post rena putting in a solid hard 30 seconds of work in his shiney shoes. Pathetic.

  • Dani

    You have to be proud though.. a guy with his level of disability getting this far, I think I’m gonna cry!

  • Lion_ess

    These idiots have nothing more constructive to do than stage lame publicity stunts on their tax-payer funded salaries. Last year it was the Labour camp seeking accolades for pretending to live on $2.25 per day, now this poor excuse for anything useful, stages this embarrassing gaffe. The photo should be a “keeper” though for the next election, I doubt many New Zealanders find these stunts vote-worthy.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Judith demonstrating chopper style.”Fucken Bang”

  • williamabong

    Smarmy prick, drop the hammer on him JC, do us all a favour.

  • BJ

    I wonder if he looks like a little pixie lying on a Sky-couch in 1st class?

  • Lion_ess

    Ironic how there are no “real” homeless people in the photo, just a bottom dwelling scum sucker taking up a space that could have been better utilised by someone who is really in need. God only knows who thinks up this shit for these muppets to act out, but they need to keep their job – we want to see more of it.

  • Dion

    Wonder how carbon efficient that oil column heater is?

    That said, it’s probably more so than his usual mode of transport – the Boeing 737.

  • Mr_V4

    Where is Phil Goff with his shovel to scoop up this turd, I’m thinking a photoshop PR shot mashup coming on.

  • toby_toby

    Looks like a standard Scarfie abode to me.

    • Dave

      Definitely not Scarfie abode 1) it still has a door 2) its reasonably tidy 3) no beer in sight 4) They have a heater. It cant be Gareth Morgans place, no sight of Mum looking after him!!

      • Travis Poulson

        *Hughes lol Didn’t realize Morgan was a mummy’s boy!

        • Dave

          Oops, fixed now Travis!

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    My god, Collins looks kind of hot! As for that smug, arrogant, fuckwitted child, if only Collins was pointing that thing at him.

  • Lofty

    He is just a wee twerp.

  • Tony V

    And the little arse-wipe is hugging a hot water bottle. An essential when sleeping rough. How the fuck did this shit get into Parliament. Surely there aren’t that many stupid people in NZ to give them the party vote?

  • How about some cardboard on the concrete and a few sacks in the middle of winter, then you will feel at home, your full of shit and this just shows that your not in touch with those who do need to sleep on the streets. Also they can go to shelters that are not even as good as you look like. Get real after next election, find a job?

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    He just a smarmy looking arsehole with his snout well and truelly stuck in the Govt. trough. Could you imagine someone like him as a Minister of a Govt. Dept. It would be a bloody mess even if he was minister of troughing.

  • Patrick

    You vote Green – you get the likes of this twat. Pretty simple equation really.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      11% of Kiwis do that Patrick…this joker will be the Environment Minister in Sheep’s cabinet and will be imposing a 10% carbon tax on you to save this planet. Choke on that bro.