Socialist farmers on the bludge

Looks like farmers have a union now. Don’t tell them here in NZ they’ll want one. Two biggest moaning groups get together.

“The T.P.P. is a battle over what kind of country we want Japan to be,“ said Hisaharu Ito, a top official in Aichi Prefecture’s Union of Agricultural Cooperatives, referring to the trade agreement, the Trans-Pacific Partnership. His organization represents some 10,000 full-time farmers who fiercely oppose the trade group.

He added, “Do we want to turn into a harsh society of winners and losers, or remain a gentler society where benefits are shared?”


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  • blazer

    they dont need a union here,well not when the Natz control the treasury benches anyway.Rural assistance’ anyone?

  • ConwayCaptain

    Thye Japanese farmers are the most protected in the world. The price of rice would drop considerably if they allowed importation from o’seas. Their cattle farmers are protected so beef is v expensive. I knew someone who lived in Tokyo and ran a market garden and did v well on a plot of about ONE ACRE

  • Patrick

    Isn’t that the role of Federated Farmers – to advocate on behalf of their members?

    • peterwn

      When people complain about unions dominating the Labour Party, the left traditionally claimed that Federated Farmers dominated the National Party.

      • David Broome

        The difference is Feds gives $0 to the NP (or any party) and nor does it have a constitutional relationship either.

  • David Broome

    The inference you can draw from what the Japanese are saying is that their Govt must be getting on the TPP bandwagon and that would be jolly good.

    Blazer FYI rural assistance is only for those who are broke as WINZ tests farm, off-farm and trust income (including savings) – it is also the same as the dole. In 2010/11 way fewer than 100 farmers got one in an industry employing 150,000.

  • David Broome

    I see the CTU here is going around saying farm workers are being cowered from fessing up to be injured. There mist be a Tui commercial in that given OSH, the ERA & ACC.

    • Hazards001

      Actually that’s been going on for years in all high risk industries, ever since fucking ACC introduced a penalty regime against employer contributions if an employee has a LTI claim. The premiums go through the roof. I saw an incredible example of this many years just after the policy was introduced years ago from one of the so called leading construction companies on health and safety in NZ.

      • Patrick

        & some of the big employers use safety infringements as a weapon to sack staff, if you get injured you do not report it as if they can find a safety breach even if it is accidental then you are on a written warning. Three strikes & off you go.

        What s the saying about the law of unintended consequences?

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