Something for Bridges to do, have a crack at the unions

Simon Bridges is a new minister, he needs things to do, here is an idea with which he can make himself useful:

Mr Springborg said he had launched a review to learn whether “these policies are about delivering for patients and workers, or if they are about delivering for union bosses and Labor”.

“I don’t think that’s right, people can join a union if they want, they shouldn’t be encouraged to join a union and we shouldn’t be having our staff [following] some sort of edict which was dreamt up by the Labor party and the unions,” he said. 

“Our managers are going out there and dragooning people into joining unions which then means we collect their union fees, give it to the unions and a lot of it finds its way back to the Labor party.

“It is some sort of elaborate taxpayer-funded money laundering exercise where the unions and the Labor party devised this policy in 2008-2009 to force our managers to actually encourage people to join unions.”


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  • Patrick

    Exactly right & the easiest way for National to attack this is to remove the employers’ obligation to deduct union fees from staff. Make them come & collect their own fees & see how willing people are to pay. Also the unions should face much more scrutiny, the recent digging by The Owl has highlighted some of the shady practices of the unions. They are standover merchants for their Labour Party bosses nothing more or less. Want to talk about party funding, start with the unions.

    • BR

      This idea was brought up by the Young Nats last year and was passed as a remit at the national conference – would be great to see it implemented.

  • peterwn

    My pet idea – allow $100k+ employees to agree with their employers to opt out of Employment Relations legislation, and employers allowed to make this a requirement for hiring or pay increases. A safeguard is needed for existing employees so an employer cannot increase pay to $100,001 one week and fire the next week. Over $100k or so, an employee especially a talented one has far greater bargaining strength than lower paid employees and hence do not need Employment Relations Act protection.

    The only group likely to be significantly brassed off with this are mediocre school principals and some other mediocre professionals.

  • blazer

    Bridges appeals as a pollie with a future from what I have seen.