SPCA sides with the shark instead of dead man and cop

I wonder if the widow of the man attacked and killed by a shark this week has read the SST.

If so, she will have read these comments about the cop shooting the shark:

SPCA Auckland executive director Bob Kerridge said the outrage at the shooting was understandable. “I can understand the public concern about this and I share it.

“At least the shark was shot by a marksman a number of times, I presume it died fairly quickly. I hope it did.”

But most people understood the risks of swimming at sea, and killing a shark for its actions was unnecessary.?

In other words, the poor man deserved all that came to him – and the cop should have allowed the shark to keep feeding until it was full up, instead of trying to?retrieve?the man’s body.

I think the SPCA needs to apologise immediately to the widow. A resignation should follow.