SPCA sides with the shark instead of dead man and cop

I wonder if the widow of the man attacked and killed by a shark this week has read the SST.

If so, she will have read these comments about the cop shooting the shark:

SPCA Auckland executive director Bob Kerridge said the outrage at the shooting was understandable. “I can understand the public concern about this and I share it.

“At least the shark was shot by a marksman a number of times, I presume it died fairly quickly. I hope it did.”

But most people understood the risks of swimming at sea, and killing a shark for its actions was unnecessary. 

In other words, the poor man deserved all that came to him – and the cop should have allowed the shark to keep feeding until it was full up, instead of trying to retrieve the man’s body.

I think the SPCA needs to apologise immediately to the widow. A resignation should follow.


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  • Sym Gardiner

    We have a significant problem in our society when we value human life less than anything else.

    • Salacious T Crumb

      It’s more a case that pressure groups and single issue organisations value their causes and their potential political gain more than what might be the better human outcome.

  • starboard

    as I understand it the bloke was swimming off rocks where fishermen were throwing in burly…and lots of it.

  • Phar Lap

    Someone i once knew left half a milion dollars to the SPCA.What a waste of money ,when Kerridge can spout such dribble,seems he is just a fraud and speaks like a mcgillycuddy joke greenie.

  • williamabong

    Assumptions and drivel from Kerridge, if the media ever bothered to do their job properly stories like this crap would never see the light of day, wankers.

  • Rockfield

    I have yet to see a public outcry when a Pit Bull is put down after attacking an adult or child. Some minorities and Mr Kerridge are being a bit selective methinks.

  • That’s a very common reaction in Australia, where sharks are legally protected (as are snakes and most other things that can kill you).
    And not just from animal rights activists or greenies. Find any media story about a diver, surfer or swimmer killed by a shark and the majority of comments – often the overwhelming majority – will be of a “leave the poor shark alone, it’s their habitat” nature.
    Well the outback is the natural habitat of kangaroos and (aside from jumping in front of your lightweight foreign car when you’re driving it) they don’t try and kill you. Yet those same people see nothing wrong with hunting them, and some I know even participate.
    It’s bizarre thinking.

  • boborocks

    SPCA lost my support years ago, partly for this sort of nonsense from Kerridge. and no !! before anyone screams. I would certainly not swim that far out. not confident enough and scared of what is under me that I cant see… but that doesn’t mean I don’t have empathy for his misfortune & no I don’t want it to be open season on white p’s. In that circumstance at that moment in time, yes shoot the shark just as they would given any rogue animal attacking a human.

  • Mr_Blobby

    It’s well past time for that old fossil kerridge to fuck off and die. it’s also well past time for the spca to be reigned in.

  • Patrick

    How about these cases: Kahui’s, Glassie, Pailegutu, Mahomed. The animals that killed these baby humans were never given the same treatment as the shark.

  • I partially agree with Kerridge actually. Hes not saying that human life is unimportant at all…hes just stating facts about consequences for actions and that sharks live in the sea and nature designed them to kill and eat…..and they should not be killed just for this aspect of their nature. If someones being attacked by one then yes…shoot away…no issue….I would.

    • Rockfield

      Oh FFS, they were *trying* to recover the poor bloke’s body !!! Said body was still being attacked by said shark at the time. If I had access to that rotary cannon from the A10 Warthog, I would have emptied the magazine of one of those into the shark if I was the AOS officer …. Kerridge is playing the privileged tosser role to perfection.

  • Honcho

    The same SPCA that re-releases stray cats that can’t be rehomed into communities with stray cat problems? That organisation has issues, and its about time the people who are funding them knew what they were truely supporting, tossers like this guy with this ideology.

  • Blair Mulholland

    Sharks eat people. This is a fact. There aren’t “good sharks” and “bad sharks”, it’s just what they do. Blaming the shark for doing what comes naturally is silly. Sure, if you have to retrieve the body from the water, then by all means shoot the bugger, but killing it for revenge seems a bit pointless.