Spineless Chicken-shit locks in lose-lose

The left wing are not happy with the way David Shearer has been played by Winston Peters. Peters has made it a bottom line of any coalition with him that the assets sold down must be forcibly nationalised again.

David Shearer though refuses to confirm or deny Labour’s position and the left aren’t happy. Malcolm Harbrow at No Right Turn calls Shearer a Spineless Chicken-shit:

Yesterday Winston Peters flung down the gauntlet on asset sales, declaring that NZ First would buy back stolen assets at no more than cost – and borrow if necessary to do it. Labour leader David Shearer’s response? He “won’t rule it out but we won’t rule it in either”. I’d ask him to tell us what he reallythinks, but its clear that he doesn’t really think anything. He’s just a spineless chickenshit, saying nothing for fear of offending anyone.

This isn’t good leadership, and it isn’t good politics either. 

And Lew at Politico says;

David Shearer says he won’t rule out buying back shares in state-owned power companies sold by the government. He won’t rule it in, either. Why? Does he need to consult his leader?

There’s so much wrong with this that I scarcely know where to start. This buyback agenda has been set by Winston Peters; it’s now two years since the 2011 election campaign kicked off with a pledge to sell these assets, and it’s like the boffins in Labour haven’t yet had an original idea about it. The problem with old generals is supposed to be that they fight today’s war with the strategies of yesterday’s war, but this is worse — it’s fighting yesterday’s war with the strategies that lost the one before that.

David Shearer is now painted into a corner. Labour co-sponsored the rorted referendum, and the Greens are the ones acting and looking all oppositional. Winston Peters has put his stake in the ground leaving Shearer looking like a dork.

The only way out now for Shearer is to state Labour’s bottom line and fast. Otherwise he looks like a vacillator beholden to his aggressive and weird coalition partners.

If he does lay out Labour’s position and that is re-naionalise the assets then he needs to start explaining how he os going to do without massive borrowing.

Of course he could just let Russel Norman explain that if they need a few billion then they will just run the printing presses and print off the necessary money needed.

All of which just makes me believe that Shearer, like Goff before him is running Trev’s Stealing underpants strategy.

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  • Troy

    Shearer has failed yet another test of leadership. The ability to be decisive, to respond and to inspire people to want to follow. Ditherers don’t fare well in politics and if all he can do is procrastinate of this, it leads us to believe what he would really be like when the heat is turned up.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Troy – The heat is turned up on Naked Emperor’s backside by English and Dunne…

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Guys, guys, guys – settle down. Sheep Shearer knows John Key is now stuffed due to (a) Car park tax (b) Solid energy. He also knows that he is a winner because the AG has cleared Pornsy Jonesy. So all he needs to do now is just procrastinate a bit and watch John Key take the blame and perish. Never ever under estimate the Sheep.

    • Agent BallSack

      Sir, That’s IF we had a sheep with balls. You do know what happens to castrated sheep I am sure. No one will jump in a pen with a rutting ram, you would have to be stupid. Unfortunately this Sheep is off to the knackers yards, after being fleeced by Winnie that is.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Agent BallSack – Here is my theory. Sheep and Norman are hungry for power. Norman knows he has only chance of spending hard earned tax dollars at will is in 2014 (the Green Party will explode after 2014 election if they can’t get into government). Sheep also knows his one chance of being a PM is in 2014. So these two will do anything to get into government in 2014. With Winnie the Poo being the King Maker in 2014, these two will fall at his feet to get his support. Hence my logic. Also John Key is being set up by Dunne Deal and English boy using the car park tax scheme….things add up Agent !!!

        • johnbronkhorst

          Conspiracy theorists of the world…UNITE. You have nothing to lose but your paranoia.

  • did you hear shearer on Larry last night? My god. those lessons dont seem to be having much effect.

    Heaven forbid we have a prime minister that spoke like that.

    and then on the huddle Ralston told it like it is.

    • Cadwallader

      I agree. I understood the new Pope’s emphatic Latin far better than Shearer’s mumbling/simpering garbage.

      • BJ

        He’s pretty hard on the eye too – nasty mouth is all that leaps off the screen at me

  • JeffDaRef

    As much as I hate him, cant you just imagine Cunliffe (eloquently, not an umm in sight) tearing this up with fire and brimstone??
    As you were Shearer…roll on 2014 leaders debates…

  • In Vino Veritas

    I guess this means that no one will go into a coalition with Peters. Just think of the potential damage to Kiwisaver accounts if and Government went ahead a renationalised these assets. The arse would fall out of the market in short order. And why would they stop at MRP or Genesis? How about Contact? Telecom? State Insurance? BNZ? The rest of Air NZ? THC? Rural Bank and Finance? Government Print? Get them all back or be a hypocrite……. oh thats right, too late.

    Just as laughable is Harbrow’s “stolen assets”. What a twerp. Legally entitled willing seller, willing buyer and consideration means legal transaction. But then when has property law meant anything to dyed in the wool socialists?

    • Bunswalla

      Correct, correct, correct, correct, and bang on.

  • Patrick

    NZ First would buy back stolen assets at no more than cost

    Pray tell how does he envisage this happening? Only way i see it is a change to the law to enable Peters to stamp all over individual & company property rights. After all unless Peters changes the law how can he force someone to sell their assets for the original price they paid?
    Peters becomes more & more like his idol Muldoon every day & if he has his way NZ becomes more & more like a Commie Soviet Union

  • BJ

    I for one am heartily sick to death of the emotive use of the phrase ‘Asset sales’ Unfortunately every time a media article, commentary or blog discusses this issue – including on here – this dishonest portrayal of the facts are reinforced. In all truth minority shares are being offered in some infrastructure.

    Dame Anne Salmonds wrote an article today and included a paragraph that said:

    “The asset sale programme is also unjust. Benefits from assets that currently flow to all New Zealanders will be diverted to those who can afford to buy shares in these companies, thus further increasing economic inequality in our small society” Not true.

    Why don’t people, even academics, get it; The money gained by the government selling minority shares to people investing in NZ infrastructure frees up and transfers that money elsewhere – no-one is losing anything. What’s more, the alternative is that everyone will have to pay for those other government investments through their tax dollar.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Its a relatively simple question. Yes or No. Num Nuts.