Spirit of the law C#nt



After all the spectacular c#nt parking examples of late, this one seems a little tame. ┬áParking garages certainly don’t leave a lot of space to put a vehicle and also have enough room to get out.

The driver of the car on the right is a letter-of-the-law parker, but a spirit-of-the-law c#nt!


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  • Kiwikea

    Sorry, next time will get a picture of surrounding cars for context (neither car was mine!)

  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    Dick No 729 would have reversed in if he/she was at all a competent driver.

    • JimboBug

      Not sure but that looks like angled parking from the perspective – so reversing in would be illegal. You can only reverse in when the parking is perpendicular as otherwise you are not facing the direction of traffic flow.

  • Fix your headline. I don’t know what Spirit of He Law is, though I imagine it somewhat differs from Spirit of Her Law. Or even The Law.

  • Muffin

    I cant see the problem with this park? Maybe someone could explain it, like you would to a small child, I very rarely venture into the big city……

    • unsol

      There’s nothing wrong with this photo at all – the outback (2005? rear end indicates this, but the 2nd to most recent model legacy did get a little similar in shame) on the right parked too close to the left so the Mitsi driver made sure they had enough room to get out without hitting the other car with their door.

      Labelling the Outback as a dick (I save the c bomb for very special occasions & this aint one!) is unfair. Underground parks are notoriously small & Outbacks are quite wide – in fact, they are only 20cm smaller than a Nissan Navara which is I think, larger than the Pajero. I know this personally (measured them as we swapped from one to the other & considered buying a Pajero…..really don’t, awful road noisy crappy handly cheap nasty cars! Anyway…).

  • Patrick

    Car parks are far too narrow – about time some bureaucrat came down from their ivory tower & ran their tape measure over these car parks – the owners are squeezing too many cars in, profiteering at drivers expense. No wonder so many cars are being damaged in car parks.

    • Mr_Blobby

      What are you talking about it was the bureaucrats that created the problem in the first place, why would you trust them to fix it.

      • Patrick

        My attempt at sarcasm Mr B

        • Mr_Blobby

          Sorry. Have lost my sense of humor with the fools.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Nothing to see here Whale Boy, move along.

  • thehawkreturns

    The 4WD driver seems to have sensibly parked a little behind a pillar in an area that cannot be used to park anything else, thereby improving not only his lot but that of cars adjacent. This theme wouldn’t be so goddam awful if at least the photos were analysed before publication. Surely there are better subjects to consider? What about photographers who don’t really see the bigger picture?