Still looking for Parliament’s most useless MP

Stenographer rooter and MP for Palmerston North Iain Lees-Galloway is considered a bit special needs even within Labour.

No one can understand how Labour contrived to give the only safe Labour seat in provincial New Zealand to a non-entity, but it is Palmerston North, and there are a lot of special people in Palmerston North. 

Since being in Parliament Lees-Galloway has achieved nearly everything expected of him, which wasn’t too hard because no one expected him to do achieve anything. His one bout of notoriety came from running one up a parliamentary staffer then telling her he was going to stay with his missus.

Iain Lees-Galloway is a contender for Parliaments most useless MP.

His short, undistinguished career in parliament is likely to be followed by a long undistinguished career out of parliament, and no-one will remember him fondly.

Except perhaps the stenographer.

No Iain Lees-Galloway isn’t who we are looking for…we are looking for someone really quite useless.


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  • Honcho

    At least … Least, ILG holds a real seat, even if it is a safe labour electorate.

    Im sure nz’s worst mp is also unelectible. Pure list scum.

  • Phar Lap

    How about the MP for PORIRUA a guy named Faa’foi who is really a failed TVNZ news reporter.He was heard on Newstalk ZB radio saying league tables for prisons were a good idea,as it helped Lie-bour to monitor private prisons.A texter pointed out if that was a good idea as Faa ,foi claimed ,why is the same criteria a bad idea when it comes to League tables for NZ schools.

  • minarchist_kiwi

    What is the criteria for useless? I mean, there are plenty of non entity permanent backbencher types who are a joke at Parliament but actually v. good local MPs – turning up to numerous sports days, prizegivings, public meetings, school fairs etc as well as dealing with a large number of constituent cases – and viewed in high regard locally (e.g Paul Hutchison, Ross Robertson, Colin King, Lindsay Tisch).

  • Jordan

    What about Paul Hutch? Here’s a guy that came into Parliament promising so much, but has just sat on the back benches and managed to alignment himself, even from the staffers.

    • Did you see his speech last week in the general debate, sheesh…embarrassing

  • spollyike

    Sigh, whatever….the most useless MP’s are still the racists ones in the Maori and Mana parties who live on our taxpayer dollars (from all ethnic taxpayers) yet push for extra rights and funding and projects for only one of NZ’s many ethnic groups. RACIST MP’s make a NEGATIVE contribution, no MP of any other party can, end of story. Failure to see this is no less than acceptance of apartheid in this country. APARTHEID = A policy or practice of separating or segregating groups. Is this not what the Maori Party wants??

  • In Vino Veritas

    Whilst my high points on uselessness still stand with Huo and Roche (thats Denise Roche who managed to get a lazy 2,903 votes in the 2011 election), having listened to Dr Megan Woods prattle on during the student loan scheme amendment (no2) about privacy breaches “from” this Government, I put my hand up for her to join my shortlist.

    Given Labour cannot even protect their own website, Dr Woods would be ill advised to be attacking the Government over an issue like this.

    I am also sorely tempted to add Mojo Mathers, a one trick pony if ever I saw one. It seems that every time she has something to say, it is related back to the miniscule percentage of people in NZ who have some form of disability. Her bag of 1,347 votes in the ChCh East in the 2011 election, pretty much shows what that electorate thought of her credentials. That would be none.

    • Anonymouse Coward

      Readers who are following my comments in this series of posts will know that I am no fan of Megan Woods.

      To judge her on her speech on a bill is not that valid. These speeches are a ritual where MP’s are press ganged into it by their whips. When was the last time a members speech on a bill caught your attention? So poor speech = doesn’t matter.

      A more valid test would be when was the last time a matter raised by Megan as a shadow spokesperson, or an issue affecting constituents had civil servants ducking for cover and ministers scrambling to explain themselves in the media.

      • In Vino Veritas

        You may well be right Anonymouse. However judging is in the eye of the beholder. And I choose to judge her in this way. I would point out that Woods could well have said no to the speech.

      • David

        Woods is my pick too. She has achieved zero in both local and national politics. Yet she has been so desperate to get into politics you would think she must have something to offer. No, she has only been after a comfortable seat on the gravy train and now she has got it.

  • Drhill

    Melissa Lee? Haven’t heard anything from her since 2011

  • spollyike

    What a joke! Neither of the scum leaders of the Watermelon-serious party are voted in! They are both scum list MP’s FFS!! We need to get rid of MMP. If we could we would also get rid of PC socialist scum like Kevin Hague (a communist suporter of pol pot), Gereth Hughes boy loser, Julie anne genter activist, Catherine Delahunty all time big loser, not to mention the 2 supposed leaders of the watermelon-serious party Turei and aussie Norman who would never even be there without MMP. In fact without MMP, would the watermelons even be there at all???

  • Mr_Blobby

    Give up on this one even the short list is to long.

    • Hazards001

      Same…too hard to call

  • i think it may be mojo joey jo jo whatever its name is. she would be the biggest waste of space. she gets by on being deaf. what a mockery.

  • The duck would be top contender.