Stupid Hippies brand themselves to make a point

Vegans are a special kind of stupid hippie…especially these stupid vegans who branded themselves to make a point.

I have no idea what the point is other than red hot metal pressed to your arm hurts like hell. The video was made in Israel in 2012 but now more hippies are joining in the fad.

The video above shows some vegan activists in Israel branding themselves with the number 269 to draw attention to the plight of all the animals that get brutally chopped up in abattoirs so that you can enjoy gorging on their flesh, you heartless bastard. I guess it’s pretty alienating—making vegans seem about as chill as an al Qaeda militant at a gay wedding—but it’s certainly got enough shock factor to grab attention and make a point about the way we treat our stupider, tastier counterparts.

The use of 269 refers to the branding number of a specific calf from an Israeli dairy farm—a calf which has become something like a Rosa Parks figure for vegans. After that protest in Tel Aviv on October 2, 2012, many vegans have had that number tattooed on themselves. But this week, in cities across the world, a bunch of people decided they should up the ante and get it branded on themselves. As in, actually branded, with a hot piece of metal. It ends up looking like a really shitty infected version of the tattoo, but it obviously shows a hell of a lot of commitment to the cause.

Stupid Hippy


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  • The irony of the smell of BBQ vegan is hilarious!!

  • Don’t you just want to let these animal loving vegans run free with the wildlife they so adore. Like say, a Bengal Tiger.

  • I saw a woman at my kid’s school fair yesterday with the number on a T-shirt; she was dread-locked and I assumed from her appearance that she was leftist, but nice to know. Now- who will open a restaurant featuring 269 meat dishes?

    • 269 sounds like a great name for a restaurant…that serves only meat

      Or a blog… that features only meat recipes

      • or twosixtynine[dot]com kind of like

  • they looked more like street performers.

  • cows4me

    Fucking morons, very little branding done these days. Stock more likely to have RFI chips in ear tags. And the branding of pedigree stock is done by freeze burning, which is far less painful. These twits remind me of a Kiwi celebrity a few years ago who was having a rant for the media on the cruel practice of eating meat. Stupid woman appeared on TV in a tight short leather dress, if you are going to skin the poor bloody animal you mos well eat it.

  • williamabong

    Perhaps they should go the full monty and get “Reject ” tattooed right across their forehead, or should that be left across the forehead.

  • Patrick

    They hate their lives so much they have now resorted to self harm, there there poor petals how about a decent feed of meat to boost your iron levels.
    They are obviously suffering some sort of chemical imbalance in their diets.

  • Never in the dark…..
  • parorchestia

    I’m having roast lamb tonight. Could I have roast branded vegan tomorrow?