Sunday General Debate

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via Imgur

Well, what an Open Mic post by Kevin Hague yesterday.  That got the people talking.

Someone questioned why Whaleoil would let a Green Taliban MP loose on his blog.   Well, it’s simple: you can submit your own.  Keep it to about 700 word max, and make sure it’s aimed at the Whaleoil audience.

Not quite ready for the Big Time of your own post?  Then why not practice here, in Sunday’s General Debate.


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  • Pete George

    Good morning “WhaleSpew’s vile army of malcontents and viagra users”. Which one of you has been trying to discredit the incredibly high Standard by acting as an abusive violence threatening Labour unionist?

    “My first instinct whenever I see these sorts of threats in a left
    wing environment is to wonder if we have an agent provocateur and who is
    paying them.”

    That’s (nearly) the harshest criticism of the Millsy meltdown.

    • williamabong

      Up to the usual high Standard at the Standard, if someone looks like they are getting out in front abuse, if that doesn’t work threaten, Millsy and Colonial viper at their best.
      I thought dissenters got a hard time here but it’s nothing compared to the kicking handed out at the gutter rag, and all with the approval of management,

      • Pete George

        Not just with approval of management, the only person who questioned the lack of moderation was threatened by lprent. TS actively protects it’s bitches of blog.

        It can get knarly here but it’s an even playing field – and I’ve never seen anything that bad.

        • It’s pretty basic – attack the message, not the messenger. Direct threats of violence demand an immediate retraction and apology, or you’re gone.

          The problem is that anyone can come here. Those with poor social skills, with undisclosed medical/mental problems, those on medicine or drugs altering their behaviour, and those bored or generally destructive don’t have to fill in an application form.

          The first thing that can be done to mitigate such behaviour is after they have already made a mess of it.

          The best thing is to provide an environment where the community itself says “hey, that’s just not on”, instead of “fight, fight, fight!”.

          This blog has been working hard to nudge a few people, and I think it’s clear more and more lurkers have found the conditions friendly enough to join in with the debates.

          I would like to see a left-leaning blog that doesn’t try to control the debate in a similar way this blog does.

          But even it’s latest attempt has started off like this

          This site will be tightly moderated, I am just not interested in vile personal attacks or abuse. If you want that, go crawl around the whaleoil or kiwiblog comment section.

          They don’t want open debate.

          They just want to lecture, and for you to accept their truth.

          • Pete George

            I’ve seen it all. I’d also like to see a left wing blog that allows debate like here and Kiwiblog, it can sometimes be brutal but at least it’s an even playing field.

            As this latest example shows trying to say “hey, that’s just not on” at TS can result in also becoming a target, effectively that’s what I did and the result was my final (permanent) ban.

            I’m giving blog a chance. All comments have to be approved by moderation, so far all mine have passed – except possibly one, I thought I posted it but am not sure I completed the process and in that instance didn’t take a screen shot as proof.

            Interesting lprent defended (at Public Address) his fouling of the blog launch by saying he posted his attack (on me and also Whale Oil and Kiwiblog) there rather than The Standard so I had a chance to respond. He usually doesn’t worry about making pissy attacks knowing he is protected by his own blog control.

          • Agent BallSack

            I think Imperator Fish, although not widely read almost fits that bill. A lot the die hard left leave it alone – not sure if they don’t understand it or it’s too centrist for them or perhaps theyre just terrified Scott will tear them a new one….Any way for a left blog it’s an enjoyable read for the main part.

          • Pete George

            Yes, Scott can be very good at times (it’s very hard to sustain good regular satire) but that’s more for biting comment (from him), there’s not a lot of debate. And he hasn’t seemed happy with my comments at times, not sure that he’s used to much challenging of his views.

          • williamabong

            Totally right Pete, even freaks like Le Anus get a hearing here, hell sometimes they even have something positive to add, likewise politicians one and all get flayed if their performance is below standard, Mrs Gardener for one,

            The Standard seems to be nothing but an open sore on the arse of the internet, and as long as they adopt the “eat their young” strategy I can’t see an end in sight.

          • Cadwallader

            Great thoughts. I question that a defined “left-leaning blog” could survive without exercising the capricious level of dictates as exhibited at the Standard. The classic assault from the Left is ad-hominem and nasty. I recall numerous posts here entitled “Labour Is The Nasty Party” this description befits the Left in general.
            lprent in his absurdly inward looking and past-oriented, domain exercises total and bullying control. The first victim of the left has invariably been respect for all fellow citizens…once that disappears, manners evaporate, care becomes obsolete and the dogma dictates at the expense of all else. The left must be abhorred at so many levels for decency to prevail. In the interim it is my choice to ignore their presence anywhere.

          • cows4me

            Just don’t get it do they Petal. The left’s greatest problem is themselves.

          • starboard

            I take offence to that. My social skills are second to none, I’m up to date on my meds and * shit , fuck, cunt, *… my tourettes is getting better..

          • Salacious T Crumb

            “I am not interested in vile personal attacks or abuse”?

            Is that newspeak or just patent hypocrisy? I know what Josie Pagani would say.

          • You would have to provide me with a forinstance before I could argue that.

            Allowing for the fact that I too can get side tracked occasionally. Once swallow doesn’t make a summer.

            EDIT: Whoopsy, I read that wrong. I thought you were calling me out as a hypocrite :)

    • Cadwallader

      I have not bothered to go anywhere near the Standard for a few years as I find the showering with sand-soap afterwards too time consuming. The bossiness of lpent and his comrades is laughable while also revealing their ugly underbelly of always “knowing best” for everyone. Their presence in NZ is depressing. I would expect they’d have a defence or two at hand for the losers in CHCH highlighted at WO in recent days.

    • Agent BallSack

      I went there. Worst 5 minutes of my week.

  • williamabong

    I watched with interest at the reaction to Kevin Hauge, they came from both corners, the zealots and the pro gay lobby, why are both views so right?
    Who actually cares, if the poofs want to get married, let them, everyone should have a mother in law, the world won’t stop, then get on with the business of running the country, Why do list MP’s seem to be the ones distracting the country from the real issues, they seem to the ones that become more focused on self-interest projects than the job at hand.
    Two points to ponder, list MP’s are scum, no one voted for them, they represent no one, yet many seem to set up electorate offices, then want to comment in an electorate as though they were voted in.
    Kevin seems like not a bad bloke, but we need to remember whose coat tails he is in parliament hanging off, the Greens are hell bent on economic sabotage, example Russell Normand rant about Solid Energy, and his solutions for the coast,and should they ever make it to the treasury benches the country won’t be worth living in.
    The best thing Kevin could do would be to lead a revolt against Norman and the mad bitch that sits beside him, remove the fundy troublemakers and present yourselves as a viable alternative, especially as Labour seems to be trying to implode at warp speed.

    • Patrick

      Green policies are not & never will be a viable alternative – their utopia has been tried in the Soviet Union, Cuba, North Korea & latterly Venezuela. Not a single one of these outfits made it work & it won’t work in NZ either.

  • PlanetOrphan

    Ahhh, my favourite subject the New-Scablanders @ TheStandard.

    For some reason I’m auto moderated these days, my comments live in open air for about 3 minutes.

    LPRent? , which one ? there are three of them.

  • Jack The Ladd

    Has somebody scammed Peter ?

  • Liberty

    Is this what Minto and the great unwashed rioted in our streets in 1981 for.

    The job of the South African police is to fight one of the
    highest crime rates in the world. Instead, the force stands accused of
    contributing to it.

    On Thursday, the release of a video showing uniformed police
    binding a taxi driver to the back of a police vehicle and dragging him — the
    man was later found dead in a police cell — shocked South Africans long
    accustomed to stories of police misconduct.

    South Africa
    is also struggling with the fallout from the Marikana mine shootings. On Aug.
    16, 2012, a line of South African police opened fire on striking miners, killing
    several dozen at a platinum mine northwest of Johannesburg. Now a judicial
    commission is investigating allegations that many were shot in the back as they
    tried to escape.

    • Gazzaw

      We haven’t heard too much from Minto of late about South African police corruption, torture & murder. Maybe it’s all OK now that the protagonists are black.

      • Cadwallader

        Doesn’t he apply his spare time to the Noble Savage Party up North?

      • Rodger T

        He got his nose out of joint when he and Newnham turned up in SA and tried to tell the ANC how to run the country and got told to fuck off.
        Since then he has ignored the place and had to find other issues to get wound up about.

        • Magor

          This is the story of Africa – you are a friend when there is fighting and murder to be done – thereafter you are not needed.

      • Magor

        Yes quiet correct – well said.

    • Cadwallader

      I suggest that in 1981 Minto, Richards et al had no idea what they were rioting about, little understanding of South Africa (and perhaps the entire world,) and a complete lack of respect for the majority’s right to pursue lawful activity. South Africa is a mess and their self-righteousness was never going to alter this reality.

  • cows4me

    I was reading how Bloomberg said in an interview that the US could keep spending an infinite amount of money as the rest of the world sees their debt as so big and so many own it it would be preposterous to think the world would stop selling to the US more. A couple of great comments. “If the rest of the world will lend forever why do US citizens need to pay tax” “The only thing that is infinite is politicians stupidity” . Obviously the anointed one wasn’t big on economics. These guys are going down and dispite any financial genius telling me otherwise.