Sunday General Debate


We all pretend we want rain, but apart from cows4me, we’ll all be complaining about the lack of sunshine after a day and a half.

Petal Jr has to race his “nautical creation” down the local river in 2 weeks time for Scouts, and there is a general danger that he’ll have to retrofit wheels.

All that aside, this is Today’s General Debate, and the photo above is of that awfully nice group of lads called the Mongrel Mob.  Or Black Power.  (Can you tell?  I think MB due to the Nazi helmet).  They appear to be partaking of that classic libation “DB Brown”, in the handy brown pint sized bottles.  No DB Export for these chaps, eh what?  Although the fact that the bottles are not coming from a wooden ABC crate kind of spoils the overall effect.

Over to you.


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  • maninblack

    That’s a classic photo. I really think that genius taking the cap off with his teeth speaks volumes..

    • Morrissey

      That’s a basic skill, surely. I’ve seen lots of middle class students do the same thing. (Admittedly, they WERE halfwits.)

      • Ah, but do you know what a half wit is, without looking it up?

  • It isn’t a Nazi helmet, that is a US pattern helmet…they might be the Crazy Horses

    • And there I thought you were serious. Heh.

  • Tony V

    I read today that the Mongrel Mob are intent upon establishing a ‘chapter’ in Melbourne. Based upon this photo I’m sure the Australian OMCG’s are cacking themselves….

    • They’ll be dead men if they do that.

      • Tony V

        Indeed, they can’t even establish themselves here as an ‘organised’ entity. Mind you, would we give a flying fuck if 20 – 30 went to Melbourne and got whacked…fucked if I would.

        • Ronnie Chow

          Perhaps feral hater Morgan could give them free one-way tickets .

      • Dave

        Could have been a good outcome for taxpayers, as we wouldn’t be keeping them in her majesties finest central heated prisions!

    • Patrick

      They (or the Black Power) tried it in Perth a few years back – got the crap beaten out of them & the hightailed it out of town – the Aussie bikies are a match for these “Warriors”

  • Callum

    I would have though the Mongrel Mob on the right hand guys hat was a dead giveaway as to who it was in the photo.

    • You cheated by zooming in? Away with you!

    • They even spelled it right

      • Ronnie Chow

        You mean not like the one’s tattooed backwards in the jailhouse mirror ?

  • They are Black Power

  • Greg

    What are we supposed to say that hasn’t been said 1000000 times? Or are you just trying to make it easy for the plebs to scream their faux outrage for the day? Not your finest work.

    • OK, that’s fine. But this is General Debate, so how about you bring up the topic? That’s the whole point.

    • Ronnie Chow

      Create a separate judicial system for psychopaths . You could say that .

      • Greg

        Yes, of course, that will happen. Any more pearls of wisdom Ronnie?

        • Ronnie Chow

          It will happen when normal humans realize that showing empathy to psychopaths is a lost cause .
          And in the case of cyclists and drivers, I recommend not giving the finger to other drivers. If you unwittingly found yourself a psychopath , you will just irritate him and you will end up in hospital , or dead .

          • Greg

            Ummm, right, ok Ron.

          • Ronnie Chow

            Give Guy Hallwright the finger , get crippled for life .

            Cycling out of Taupo last week or so, an athlete cyclist gives a local Maori psycho the finger , ends up in hospital , crippled for life .

            You with me now ? About how giving people the finger can be bad for your health?

          • Greg

            Bit off topic Ron,but happy to oblige,FUCK CYCLISTS, are my thoughts on that Ron.

  • Morrissey

    I think they’re from that well-known Otara service organization the Stormtroopers.

    • Ronnie Chow

      Brown mofo Harawira’s mates.

  • I wonder how many are still alive?

    • Cadwallader

      Only the ones in gaol…perhaps all of them?

  • Tony V

    Bit of bromance on the left….civil union, oops I mean marriage…

  • pauleastbay

    Its DB Draught it says so on the box, Lion Brewies had the Brown , Whale you appear to be slipping into the world of newspapers too well ” close enough will be good enough”:

    • My name on the post

      • pauleastbay

        Well, in that case get back in the kitchen

    • Michael

      Both DB and Lion have brown ales.

      • pauleastbay

        When that photo was taken it was DB Draught with a brown label and the two stooks of hops on. They never marketed a DB Brown

        • Michael

          Marketed maybe not, but what people call it are different ;) I always read the double brown label as DB brown, but that’s just me.

        • Stuarts.burgers

          At the time there would have been in Quarts DB Brown DB Green and Waitamata Sparking Pale Ale ( Was my tipple at the time)

          Double Brown was in a 16 oz (440 mil )can, was favoured by the boys on Otago in the 70’s as we only got ” two cans per day per man perhaps” and the extra 4oz per can was appreciated, We also like Lion Super, it was in a 12 oz can but repudiated to be of higher alcohol levels .

          • pauleastbay

            Correct Stuart but it was not called DB Brown it was DB Draught only the broken arse Lion Drinkers needed to colour code. $4.50 per doz swappa crate at the DB Brewery Washdyke

          • Stuarts.burgers

            But Sir you were driving an inferior product from an Up start Brewery
            The home of Real DB products of course was the Waitamata Brewery 1 Bairds Road Otahuhu Auckland ( or maybe it was in Otara )

          • Stuarts.burgers

            Further to this it was the labels of bottles that were Green and Brown. I do not think they actual marketed them as such but you would either purchase a DB Brown or a DB Green or in my case a Waitamata Sparkling Pale Ale.

      • RicheeNZ

        Technically they’re both lagers, but due to the marketing machine they sell them as ales, just like Tui – it’s not a real India Pale Ale it uses a lager yeast strain so is a lager. Real IPA’s were originally brewed in England with large quantities of hops a natural preservative for the long trip to India and an ale yeast strain!

        • Michael

          haha, yeah, make a shit lager, call it a brown ale.

          • Gazzaw

            No such thing as a bad beer. Some are just worse than others.

          • Ronnie Chow

            It’s called ‘brown’ to appeal to the brown segment of the population .

            Clever and highly successful marketing .

    • Not so…DB had “Double Brown”

  • Pete George

    3 News rand a news item about Act’s conference where Rodney Hide talked about hate. Turns out Hide says 3 News portrayed totally the opposite of what he said. No other news organisation ran the story, which adds to suspicions that 3 News had their own false agenda.

    Who holds the media to account when they run make believe news items? TV3, ACT, and make believe news

    • Ronnie Chow

      Truth is the first casualty as the stupid and dumb have become the largest target audience for advertising , and therefore TV News , Pete .
      TV is becoming exclusively a fight for human attention and the wallets of the drongo’s watching .
      So who holds the media to account ? Cameron , of course , and us , the audience and participants . Is there anyone else ?

  • johnbronkhorst

    Product of labours high density housing…where there is no room for a shower?

  • arent those quart bottles?

  • Gazzaw

    I hate to be pedantic Cam, but those bottles contain a quart of DB’s finest not a pint. For the youthful amongst us there are two pints in a quart. If my memory serves me correctly DB operated ‘Swappa Crate’ – a dozen cost $10.95 and you got a refund of $1 on returning the crate and the empties. If we had a particularly good student party we could return enough crates on Sunday morning to get a full one for elevenses.

    • Pissedoffyouth

      I drink swappa crates – normally $35-$40 plus $5 for your first crate. I use the crate for a seat if I drink in a paddock, or on a lawn.

      I love Speights from a cold crate bottle… I’m surprised to get massive sales from West Auckland they don’t start making Woody swappa’s. But I heard somewhere that the breweries hate crates as it costs them money to recollect and wash the bottles.

      • Gazzaw

        Onyer POY. I’m glad that the tradition has carried on and is in good hands!

    • Stuarts.burgers

      Sorry to be Pedantic but those bottles were called a “Quart” but only held 26 Fluid Ounces an Imperial Pint was 20 Fluid Ounces. ie a pint is 591.47 mils and a Quart Bottle was converted to 750mils

      I use the world Imperial to show it is not one of those small American Pints. Us from the Commonwealth knew that ” A Pint of Water is a Pound and A Quarter” . While our American friends said ” A Pint is a Pound the Whole World Round”

    • Bunswalla

      As we’re all being pedants, I don’t think there was ever such a brew as DB Brown. Dominion Breweries made a “Double Brown” which was hideous, possibly to confuse people who used to choose between Lion Red and Lion Brown.

  • blazer

    those lads should realise,get a haircut and a flash suit if you want to be a real criminal.

    • Pissedoffyouth

      Jesus Christ do you ever post a comment not related to “Corporates ripping off the poor”?

      • blazer

        not often.The double standards in society are farcical.

        • Ronnie Chow

          Triple standards . You live a capitalist lifestyle , Blazer .

          Are you willing to share your microwave with your neighbor ?

    • Patrick

      That’s right I forgot most corporates have rape & murder as a
      prerequisite or initiation before joining the company. Seems like only
      yesterday I got my first job after I kidnapped a teenage girl off the
      street & took her back to my place where me & my mates put her
      on the block – phoned the boss afterwards & he said great you have
      got the job.

  • EpochNZ

    I think its beautiful the way the guy on the left is moving in to give his missus a bit of loving….

    • Teletubby

      Omg is that a female?

    • Dave

      And the way the second from the right is opening his Beer with his teeth. Crown dental scheme anyone!!

  • cows4me

    “We’ll all be complaining about the lack of sunshine after a day and a half”, I wouldn’t be so flippant WO many of you townies have no idea of how bad this drought is. And if you are silly enough to believe it won’t effect you couldn’t be more wrong. It’s not unusual to get a dry spell, in fact I farm for it, planting crops for just such an event. But this drought is unprecedented in that it basically covers the whole country. Went to the Central Districts Fieldays on Friday, the country is as dry as an Arabs fart and some stock are really suffering. The only people winning out of the present situation are the meat companies and the stock food providers, the situation is very grim for some. Many are now forced to sale their breeding stock, simply can’t feed them. Many farmers have gambled on the rain coming and have brought in feed and the current payout had some just breaking, even now they will be in the minus column. I know the banks are getting quite edgy and this drought will be the death knell for some. It will take time but the consequences will filter through to the larger centers. This drought is going to cost in the billions and it will take farming and the economy years to recover.

    • Errr, it was a comment on the fickleness of townies not understanding the seriousness of the drought. They will be complaining about the rain 2 days in. “All except c4m” as in “everyone except farmers”.

      • cows4me

        Sorry Petal

    • GregM

      I flew over your place last week, it still looks pretty good there. The east coast, top of the south and Wairarapa look totally f**ked.

      • cows4me

        Yeah we are still probably the best in the NI Greg but has really started to bit this week . Some strong SE winds. If doesn’t rain this week will throw the towel in. Cows still in good condition won’t risk continuing to milk to the detriment of the animals.

  • Ronnie Chow

    Hannibal Lector , I sentence you to 9 months home detention and 300 hours community service .
    While the above may seem a little far-fetched , every day in NZ , low-function psychopaths are given empathy from judges who have not been schooled in the real world . Whilst many psychopaths do not commit crimes and lead relatively normal lives , low-function psychopaths who become criminal fill our prisons and commit the majority of sexual and violent crimes in our society .
    They are never identified in court , and are treated as normal human beings , which they are not . Giving a psychopath empathy is pointless . They do not feel normal emotions .

    As a society , it is high time that we do something about psychopathic parents producing psychopathic offspring . Wile this problem is not singularly Maori , a significantly greater proportion of Maori are psychopaths . It may well be that the so-called ‘Warrior Gene ‘ is nothing more than endemic psychopathy .

  • Hazards001

    I see Halatau Naitoko’s family is about to launch a compensation claim for a cool mill. But it’s not about the money.

    This is NZ, it was an accident. I thought thats why we had ACC..all claims full and final and ya get fuck all..fair for everyone..right?

  • BR

    Those two on the left look look a couple of queers. They are probably in favour of homo “marriage”.

  • leslie rothwell

    The snap is about 30 years old. It has been taken at the old Porirua Mongrel Mob Compound. Second from the left is Sid MOKI one time vice president and later president. The building is the Mob Pad which was down a gully on the left approaching Porirua from the North. It must be breakfast time (about 11am) and there maybe another 50 or so still flako in the pad..These guys were experts at backing into liquor stores. Sid wasn’t a bad guy to deal with, the snap seems to have been taken from his facebook page. I didn’t ask to be his facebook friend, it wouldn’t have enhanced the reputation of either of us. I could name the others but not with certainty after all these years.

    • Thanks for that…very interesting…also interesting he isn’t dead.

  • Solidarity

    Afternoon all. Had to change my handle as my BiT account on Discus don’t work no more… But no matter. My NBR one works just fine….

    Is that the sound of an ice cold beer being opened?