Sunday General Debate

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If you are a traditionalist, then you wouldn’t be doing the egg-thing until today.  Of course, the amount of chocolate giving these days does suggest that a full four day orgy is the only way to spread out a heart-attack inducing fat and sugar overload.

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Last day of the month for Whaleoil.  Last day of the tax year for many.  Time to pay accountants ridiculous amounts of money for compliance work, since we’ve all actually kept the books all year long.  And don’t forget to update the Pecuniary Interest Register, eh ?



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  • minarchist_kiwi

    I was saddened to hear the Yank running 2 degrees has carked it; he served NZ consumers well by bringing down cell call prices and showing how much we were being ripped off.

    • Rich people and aircraft do not mix well

      • Tom

        Small aircraft

        • …and wanting to pilot their own.

          • Tom

            Eg Michael Erceg, I don’t understand it, I stay the fuck away from small planes

  • Steve R

    Isint it mildly interesting the most countries in the western world are having exactly the same debate at the same time !!!!!!

    • minarchist_kiwi

      Over food prices? yes it is just shocking how much a sunday roast costs these days $23-80 for a lamb leg at Pak N Save manukau

      • Ronnie Chow

        Last lamb leg at Pak’n’Save Kilbirnie was 6 months out of date ..
        Best lamb is at the Halal meat shops .

    • yes the financial systems of the whole are in disarray, bailing out bludger nations with more debt won’t solve it either

  • Honcho

    Labours major policy to win the 2014 election announced, free skytv for all funded by the always generous net tax payer.—Labour/tabid/1607/articleID/292320/Default.aspx

    • Gazzaw

      Interest free student loans, WFF benny for the middle class. I suppose free Sky TV is a logical extension as an election bribe. Who knows they may chuck in the 51″ HD TV as well. Nothing like bread & circuses for the masses to keep their minds diverted from the real problems.

    • Patrick

      What about that new fangled fast broadband – that has to be a human right as well doesn’t it?

      • Honcho

        Lets not give clare any ideas, labour will justify it and then it will be an election policy.
        However no doubt it will only be rolled out to bennies and the kids for cash crowd, leaving no ultrafast internet for the people who would use it productively.

  • Welcome back Pete, hope you have had a cup of concrete this morning…perhaps you’d like to detail your hospital stay for the readers.

    • Well, as you know, I’m 100% not fixed. After a week they threw me out on pain killers and a promise of followup tests.

      Five shots of morphine, two shots of ketamine, and only by the time the 2nd shot of Pethidine was administered, by this time hours, and hours into my “just wait, it’ll kick in soon” fun ride, did the edge come off from 100% to about 80%.

      It is indescribable, and I hope nobody finds out what it is like.

      Cause? Unknown. Something gallbladdery, maybe. With a bit part by the liver, maybe. And I don’t smoke, drink or take drugs (for those that want to quick hook to hang the blame on).20-30% of these sorts of complaints go unsolved apparently. I’m fit in every other way. It was the first hospital visit ever where I wasn’t a visitor.

      I did sit there with a view to come back with “insider” stories about the health system. But I honestly can’t say I’ve got anything juicy. Lots went wrong to the people around me mind you, and some of it quite unacceptably, but in the end I recognised that for a free public health service you get immediate and excellent attention when you really need it. After that, it gets a bit silly in places. I’m sure others would have similar and better examples.

      • blokeintakapuna

        Welcome back Petal. Good health to ya. When visiting hospitals I find the overall atmosphere the complete opposite to what I imagine the atmosphere would be like at the Lotto head office on a Monday after a big win.

        The medical professionals are awesome. Some of the visitors though… They’re like those Wall Mart people emails…

        • Thanks BIT. I did indeed get offered a move to another room when it became clear that my bunkie was a self centred idiot, but that wasn’t until after having to suffer his weird, weird family for a day and half. They even had to get security in to ask them to leave. They’d come in hours before official visiting times and stay beyond home time, and they would provide full coverage in between with a skeleton staff of two but frequently up to 4 or 6 people at a time. The really freaky thing was the two brothers that found in necessary to bring up the Power of Attorney over their father at a number of occasions. They kept bringing in contraband food which then would upset the man’s stomach and THAT caused all night moans which could compete with ocean liner fog horns. Night two, after about 3-8 fog horns an hour, at 2am, the nurses took pity on me and offered me a new room. Up to that point I was hanging on because he was complaining *hourly* he didn’t have a view (I did), and I wasn’t going to let him win that one too. We sometimes forget that there are people out there that are so far removed in behaviours and expectations from our own experiences that we actually don’t believe they really exist. Going into public hospital forces you into random encounters with people that you would normally not meet in daily life.

          • Gazzaw

            I did five weeks in Auckland six years ago and I agree with Petal that the visitors are the biggest pain in the arse that you have to cope with. Hospitals need to forget all the PC shit and restrict visiting to a couple of hours in the afternoon. Strictly policed too. My ward was like the Polynesian Cultural Centre 23 hours out of 24. Uncontrolled kids, KFC, gangstas – you name it. I’m extremely tolerant on racial stuff but when you are really crook you just don’t need it. The worst episode was when an elderly Jewish bloke was on his last legs and the family were there doing their last rites stuff in the middle of the night. One of them slipped into my curtained cubicle, phoned his brother in Melbourne and started a debate on who would get what out of the estate. He was most put out when I told him to fuck off.

          • blokeintakapuna

            Incredible eh! I guess that’s why there’s no such thing as common sence…

      • GregM

        AAAHH! that’s the problem. Light up a fag and have a few beers Pete, that’ll sort you out :-)
        Welcome back.

  • Travis Poulson

    Those of you who didn’t notice the post author, Pete is back with us.

    • nobody there and it leads to a dark abyss…. yep, I’m back at Whaleoil alright.

  • PlanetOrphan

    Some of the scariest easter bunnies I’ve seen, welcome back Petal.

  • redeye

    Looks like someone has been more than singing “Two Little Boys” eh.

  • I saw Telecom send a Tweet of condolences to 2 Degrees about their CEO and wife’s death.

    It doesn’t sit right with me.

    Can we really be that glib about these things now? 140 character sympathy cards with as much integrity as a fortune cookie?

    No Sir, i don’t like it.