Surrender Monkey’s go where Obama fears to tread

Foreign policy has a good article about some weapons that could be delivered to the Free Syrian forces that would be game changes to replace the makeshift weapons that they are using to attack Assad’s forces.

As is typical the Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey’s are in boots an all…they always are when it comes to selling something but never when there is any real fighting to do.

On Friday, French President François Hollande defended his plan to supply weapons to Syrian rebels, as part of a British and French effort to lift the EU’s arms embargo. If Libya is any example, U.S. thinking may not be far behind — especially as the conflict’s death toll climbs above 70,000.

Clearly, the Obama administration is reluctant to flood the conflict with arms for fear that they could wind up in the hands of extremist groups such as the Nusra Front. But if Barack Obama does buckle under the pressure of Syria hawks, many of whom he personally hired, there are a range of powerful weapons that could potentially turn the tide in the rebels’ favor. Which ones? To find out, we talked to top arms expert Jeffrey White, defense fellow at the Washington Institute, and Chris Dougherty, research fellow at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments.

Some weapon system deliveries are fraught with danger…but others like Anti- Air missiles would be useful:

Weapon: Anti-aircraft weapons such as the 9K38 Igla — a Soviet-made, man-portable, infrared-homing surface-to-air missile.

Pros: In many areas of the country, rebels are getting creamed by the regime’s arsenal of Soviet- and Russian-made jets, the most advanced being Mig-29 Fulcrums. There are already plenty of MANPADS in the hands of Syrian rebels, but not in some of the most heavily targeted areas, White told Foreign Policy. “Down in Daraa province, we’re not seeing a lot of anti-aircraft activity, or in Damascus, which is important,” he explained. If the United States wanted to make a big splash, shipping surface-to-air missiles to Daraa province and Damascus via Jordan, where Syrian jets have strafed freely, could have a big impact. They would also be helpful in rebel-held areas like Aleppo that face frequent aerial bombardments.

Cons: Legitimate fears persist that dumping this type of powerful weaponry in the middle of an extremist hotbed could create serious blowback for the United States in ways one can’t easily anticipate. This is especially the case with some of the more sophisticated MANPADS such as the SA-24. As Popular Mechanics noted last year, these pack a powerful punch. “The SA-24 missiles, made in Russia, can shoot down an aircraft flying at 11,000 feet,” the magazine pointed out. Domestic airliners are particularly vulnerable. After 9/11, Congress poured money into methods of jamming SA-24s. But after 8 years with no success, the White House cut the program last year, meaning commercial airliners remain exposed.


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  • jonno1

    Rogue apostrophe alert.

  • blazer

    the U.S should butt out.Russia has made that clear .

  • mike

    Just let them kill themselves, the UN / NATO / US / EU / rest of the world shout not get involved… you think Iraq was a mess? You think Afghan was a disaster? Syria is much much worse… anyone who goes in there will piss off Russia and Iran, and while the latter isn’t big enough to cause the major players much damage, they are plenty big enough to raise a huge stink in the Persian Gulf or kick start a new Intifada against Israel.

  • Jman

    Let the Arabs fight amongst themselves. As James Baker would say, we don’t have a dog in this fight.

  • Mediaan

    The French have been big pushy weapons producers for at least 200 years. The vast fortunes built on weapons often spanned both Germany and France, and these families would work to encourage wars for business reasons. They had banks too. Lazard was one, from memory.

    Hollande no doubt wants to buck up his ailing economy. His recent Central Africa military moves have worked out, which got him all excited about wars. Went into Mali to clean up the fleeing Libyans loyal to Gaddafi and his family. The international heavyweights decided to let the portly puffing Francois have a turn at winning, so the headlines back in France looked terrific.

    Like the rest of the EU catholic countries, France is a mess. The rich are fleeing for Belgium, Switzerland, Russia or anywhere, after hearing about Hollande’s new taxes.

    Great time to buy a really flash house in France, as someone should tell Shearer, since he’s so flush he can’t even keep track of it all.