Syria civil war because of climate change?

Climate Change has been blamed for many, many things. The list is extensive.

Now we can add Syria’s civil war to the list as being blamed on climate change.

What next…blaming gay marriage on climate change as well?

Did anyone notice that an idiot dictator controlled the country and everyone got sick of him?

Image:US Department of Agriculture

Image:US Department of Agriculture

A new report by the Center for Climate and Security has added evidence tosuspicions that climate change played a role in sparking Syria’s revolution. 

Immediately before political demonstrations began in the now war-torn nation, Syria’s economy had been ravaged by a historic, five-year drought. Citing NOAA and USDA statistics, the report claims the drought was unusual for the region. A NOAA analysis concluded climate change was a cause of the rain shortage.

As many as 800,000 Syrian farmers lost their livelihoods in the disaster, when “from 2006 to 2011 up to 60 percent of Syria’s land experienced, in the terms of one  expert, ‘the worst long-term drought and most severe set of crop failures since agricultural civilizations began in the Fertile Crescent many millennia ago.’”

The crop failures caused a massive migration from rural towns to Syria’s cities, with as many as 200 towns virtually emptying in one region. By 2011, as Arab Spring revolutions took hold in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, Syria’s important agricultural sector was a shambles. A mass migration, and its attendant tensions, resulted.


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  • Rodger T

    So,is it too hot in Syria or not hot enough?

  • Jimmie

    I stubbed my big toe yesterday – blame on climate change.

  • I seem to have a diet conducive to methane production, I’ll take the blame Bwaaahahaha

  • Orange

    “What next…blaming gay marriage on climate change as well?”

    Wrong way around.

  • Patrick

    The current drought in NZ should cause a civil war then?
    What climate change explanation is there for the current civil war in the Australian Labour Party?

  • johnti

    Sycophancy is flattery that is very obedient or attentive to an excessive or servile degree.

    Maybe some of you guy’s need to lay off it a bit ?