Take me to your leader


In the most recent Herald Digipoll, the most preferred leaders of our fair country are as indicated above.

Who polls personally higher than his party?

Who polls personally lower than their parties?

Who would want a Finance Minister that only 2.4% of the respondents choose as Prime Minister?


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  • johnbronkhorst

    If there was an election tomorrow which party would you vote for?




    United Future1%(21)


    Maori Party1%(43)

    None of the above11%(406)

    I wouldn’t vote5%(171)
    Yahoo xtra poll so far

    • Hazards001

      Outstanding…so 16% of the population has it’s head buried so deep in the sand that no choice is a choice, 1% think Racism is a viable option 7% are stoned 1% have no idea where Oharia is which is not surprising considering they’re on yahoo in the 1st place. So once again sadly we see that with the complete rort MMP is that the unemployed the dependent the entitled the deluded and the corrupt could once again lead NZ to a new wave of nanny state policies and taxation that will leave us in tatters for decades.

      Jayzus wept…I think the mines in PNG are starting too look good again!

  • steve and monique

    Wouldn’t discuss the price of orange juice with Russel Norman,let alone want him to run Finance.

    • BJ

      Born June 7 Gemini: ‘They are apprehensive about handling money. Their eccentricities may include a dislike of banks or an unwillingness to deal in anything but cash transactions’.

      Thats why Russel is harping on about banks. Seriously we don’t want him anywhere near the pursestrings of this country.

  • Muzza

    My question is should the 4% of the population who think Winston for PM be institutionalised?

  • StupidDisqus

    A reminder that, on those figures, if NZ was a democracy, National would have over 2/3rds of the seats – a mandate to rewrite the constitution as it saw fit.

    And National has had that mandate since 2008!

    Time for National to man up, revise the electorate act, and fuck the leftists once and for all.

    • Hazards001

      You’re back!! Hooray..where the fook have ya been? Mars? No internet on Mars I hear? I was worried about you….thought you may have fallen into an emotion void and found a human feeling..thankfully that hasn’t happened and you’re back to kick the shit out of anyone that’s not richer than you.

      I’m looking forward to Glocks, Cops problem solved.

      • Gazzaw

        Hazards, SD will get you sorted out once he’s had every unionist in front of a tribunal, given a fair trial and then shot. Then there’s the teachers to deal to plus anyone left of Genghis Khan.

  • “Who would want a Finance Minister that only 2.4% of the respondents choose as Prime Minister?”

    Somehow I don’t think Bill English would get much more?

    • Ouch, Touche’

    • JeffDaRef

      was thinking the same thing – even though Russ is definitely in my top 5 of people I’d love to punch in the gob…

  • Drhill

    Russell “Give Me Back My Flag” Norman

  • BJ

    If 62.6% of the population think John Key is the Prime MInister for them, perhaps about 15% of the population will figure out before next election that voting for Labour, the Greens or NZ First will not get them their preferred PM running the country

  • cows4me

    Back from feeding the girls, willy Jackson having organism on radio re Shagger’s rise in the polls. Lefty fool, the poll was done before Shaggers amnesia and comes at the expense of the other numb skulls in the left cabal. You have to admire his enthusiasm, makes up for his microscopic political sense.

  • tarkwin

    Good news! Hone didn’t even make the list.

  • Troy

    And who would want a Finance Minister that has never won an electorate… or want a minister from a party who has MPs without electorates. This is the farce of MMP.