Taking one for the team, WA styles

After the poll disaster for Labor in WA there are people seeking scapegoats. Some are looking to blame Julia Gillard because she didn’t travel to WA to help the Labor party campaign. The WA Labor party boss though is taking one for the team to protect Gillard:

West Australian Labor leader Mark McGowan refuses to link his election defeat to the federal party yet hopes his diminishing pool of parliamentary colleagues will give him another shot.

“I take responsibility for the outcome and I’m not going to blame anyone else,” Mr McGowan said.

He said Saturday had been a brutal night for state Labor, which would spend coming days reflecting on its caning at the polls, but he couldn’t yet pinpoint what had gone wrong. 

It was always difficult to defeat a first-term government, he said, and wouldn’t be drawn on the many comments from both sides of politics – including defence minister Stephen Smith – that the party’s federal woes had dented WA Labor’s chances.

“I’m not going to blame any other level of government,” Mr McGowan said.

“I know over the coming week, people will try to make me do it.

“I’m the leader – I said it was a state campaign, I was repetitive in saying that.”

When pressed on the role the federal party may have played, he said: “I’m not going to get into all of those issues today”

Admirable, but futile, all he has done is focus on Gillard and her poor effort.


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  • Patrick

    Amazed to hear WA Labour MP on the radio on Sunday complaining they did not have the funds to mount a proper campaign, then alluding to the wealthy Liberal Party backing. Sound familiar? There were just as many Labour advertisments on the telly & radio, I doubt funding was the issue. Labour went for a king hit with their proposal to build a rail link to the airport – except it did not terminate at the airport terminals, passengers would need to catch a bus from the station to the airport. They also attacked Barnett as looking old & sick – not a good move. The Gillard effect cannot be underestimated, she (& her party) are not liked in WA, too much tax is sucked from the state into the federal coffers. Her lying & the stench of corruption around her dealings years ago is going to hurt her massively come the federal election.

  • cows4me

    The good citizens of WA would need rocks in their heads to vote for the dopey socialists.Gillard and her bullshit carbon tax would kill jobs in a state that lives by it’s mines.

    • Hazards001

      Exaxctly, but the f wits thought the union scumbags would keep the workers towing the party line…the party line as it happens is feed the union hacks!