That didn’t work out so well

This story about the crime-fighter who got smashed over and has decided he doesn’t want to be a crime-fighter anymore is hilarious:

Roger Hayhurst, who also goes by the name Knight Warrior, hit the headlines in 2011 after it emerged he patrolled streets near his home in Swinton, Greater Manchester, breaking up fights and tackling anti-social behaviour.

Mr Hayhurst vowed “to get crime off the streets” and even hoped to become the first elected mayor of Salford before a lack of funding scuppered his political ambitions.

Mr Hayhurst, 20, who used a custom-made £200 blue-and-black lycra costume which his mother helped him buy from a US firm, was later joined by his Rebecca, his 18-year-old fiancee who met him after hearing of his bravery. She would go by the name Knight Maiden. 

But Mr Hayhurst, a gardener, has now scaled back his crime-fighting after being attacked while on patrol.

He told the Manchester Evening News: “We were recognised when we were walking thorough Clifton and some lads started punching me.

“My face was all swollen. After that I still dress up and occasionally patrol, but I mainly dress up for charity appearances.”

“Rebecca has got rid of her costume now.”


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  • Steve R

    What a cock

  • williamabong

    A 20 yr old gardener yes definite credentials as a crime fighter, perhaps if he had spent the money on a baseball bat, a good pair of steel caps,and some brass knuckles instead of a Superman suit he may have been a little more successful.
    Still why are people having to do the polices job for them?,perhaps because we have allowed the softcock liberals to bind the police up so they can’t do the the job they were employed to do,then told the little arseholes how to beat the system, sounds like an anarchists dream.